School of Criminology

Congratulations to Hana Georgoulis on successfully defending her MA thesis

June 19, 2023

Warmest congratulations to Hana Georgoulis, who successfully defended her MA thesis, "After the Murder: An Analysis of Sexual Homicide Cases Where the Body is Naked and Openly Disposed”.

Research on the post-crime behaviours of sexual homicide offenders (SHOs) has primarily focused on their movement patterns during the disposal of the victim’s body. Georgoulis' study examines what crime scene characteristics are associated with two common disposal methods – naked and open disposal – regardless of whether the body was transported or not. Results from the sequential regression indicate that foreign object insertion, dismemberment, and post-mortem sex is predictive of not openly displaying the body, while overkill is more likely to lead to the body being openly displayed. Further, a vulnerable victim is less likely to be openly displayed. The sadistic behaviours of sexual penetration, asphyxiation, and removing evidence from the scene were predictive of naked disposal. In contrast, the body was more likely to be disposed clothed in cases with a deserted crime scenes and stranger victims, which is indicative of an angry offender. Implications for investigative practices are discussed.

Hana will be starting the PhD program here in the School of Criminology in the fall.

Congratulations, Hana!