Daring to be different: Rajesh Ahuja’s unique approach to a Notary practice

March 10, 2022
Rajesh Ahuja, an SFU Master of Arts in Applied Legal Studies alumnus, believes a mobile offering combined with his highly personal approach to client interaction have contributed to the success of his practice.

“At the age of 56, I got inspired to do this program,” says Rajesh Ahuja, Notary Public. “I finished my studies at the age of 58 and opened my practice about six months later.” 

Ahuja is referring to the Master of Arts in Applied Legal Studies program (MA ALS) at Simon Fraser University–a prerequisite to becoming a Notary in British Columbia. “The MA ALS program is great,” recalls Ahuja. “Every aspect of the program was very useful.”

In 2018, Ahuja opened his practice in White Rock B.C.—an area saturated with established Notaries. “If you want to make a mark somewhere, you have to be different,” says Ahuja. To stand out from his competition, he introduced 24-hour mobile services. Ahuja knew it was unlikely that clients would require notarization services in the middle of the night; however, his message to the community was clear: He would be there for his clients wherever and whenever they required his services.

Ahuja’s mobile offering, combined with his highly personal approach to client interaction, have contributed to the success of his practice. He has created a unique office setup wherein his staff work in the back of the office, and Ahuja sits at the desk by the front door. This intentional structure ensures personal consultation with anyone who approaches his business. “Anyone who walks in sees me right in the front. I answer all questions of people who walk in,” says Ahuja.

Ahuja focuses his practice on estate planning, conveyancing, and notarizations. During each transaction, he draws on his experiences as a senior manager with the BC Liquor Distribution Branch in addition to twenty-five years in the Indian Army where he served as a colonel, commanded a regiment of 800 troops, and took part in a UN peacekeeping mission. Ahuja credits these experiences for his solid judgement and decision-making skills that complement his Notary practice. “Your background and your life experience come in,” says Ahuja. “You need to make decisions that affect people’s lives.” As such, he recommends that anyone considering a career as a Notary should have maturity, excellent listening skills, and elevated levels of empathy.

Ahuja enjoys helping his clients by providing legal education in a succinct and accessible manner. He also takes pride in finding legal solutions for vulnerable people in unique circumstances. “It gives you a lot of satisfaction,” says Ahuja as he reflects on cases where his services made a difference. His desire to help his clients aligns with his personal philosophy of giving to others: “The more you give to people, the more it comes around in some other way.”

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