Timing of Colloquium

Each candidate is required to develop a prospectus for a dissertation, based on original research, in the semester following that in which the preliminary examination has been passed. The prospectus will define the proposed investigation and demonstrate the relationship between it and existing scholarship. The prospectus will be presented to the supervisory committee for approval. On approval, the dissertation prospectus shall be available to faculty and resident graduate students and presented at a school colloquium.

The colloquium is neither an “examination” nor a “defence” of the candidate’s work. Instead, it is an opportunity for the doctoral student to share her or his research in a public forum, while it is still in a relatively early state of preparation, and to get the benefit of commentary and feedback from the committee and attending faculty and students in a generally low-stress, seminar-like atmosphere.

The colloquium is not officially “chaired”; rather, the Senior Supervisor simply introduces the speaker and the event proceeds as in any other academic seminar. There is no formal evaluation of the performance, no “passing” or “failing” grade.

Organization of the Colloquium/Registration and Acceptance Forms

When the prospectus is ready to be presented at a colloquium, the student consults her or his Supervisory Committee for the purpose of setting a date when all members are able to attend. The student must complete the PhD Prospectus Approval and Colloquium Date form and return the form to the Graduate Programs Secretary no later than two weeks before the proposed date of the colloquium. The Graduate Programs Secretary will advertise the colloquium within the school. When the prospectus is completed and approved by the committee, a copy of the prospectus is given to the Graduate Programs Secretary.