Enhancing Student Research Opportunities

The objectives and actions for this priority draw on insights from past activities and initiatives (Supporting Aboriginal Graduate Enhancement (SAGE), MiTACS, the Reading/Talking/Doing (RTD) club, Writing Retreat Wednesdays, the Aboriginal Transitions: Undergraduate to Graduate (AT: U2G) project.

2020-2021 Activities

  1. Panels on supporting the transition to conceptual research
  2. Graduate Research Dialogues podcast
  3. Faculty Forum on Supporting Undergraduate Research
  4. Research skills workshops for graduate students, including podcasts, in collaboration with the Library and Research Commonsiii


  1. Match students with expertise and relevant interest with faculty members and/or program areas
  2. Ensure the equitable distribution and use of bursaries and fellowships for graduate students
  3. In collaboration with the Indigenous Education Research Council (IERC), broaden student exposure to Indigenous theories and methodologies
  4. Review the methodology course EDUC 846 to better reflect the values of the 5-year plan
  5. Develop the research capacity of graduate students through an inter-generational mentoring process that builds capacity across the undergraduate-graduate and faculty lines
  6. Provide graduate students with space to engage in research activities, meet with one another and interact with faculty members
  7. Increase opportunities for undergraduate students to engage in research and develop key research skills


  1. Create a database in which graduate students seeking RA opportunities can list their skills, experience and availability
  2. Set and meet goals for equitable distribution of scholarships and fellowships
  3. Offer an Indigenous research workshop series to help faculty members better support Indigenous research for both Indigenous and settleriv students
  4. Devise and implement a modular approach to design and delivery of the EDUC 864 research course
  5. Create a curricular structure through which students can continuously build and strengthen their research skills
  6. Create physical space conducive to graduate students working individually and/or collaboratively that is accessible during and after work hours
  7. Implement the following initiatives:
    • Offer a directed reading course for undergraduate students that introduces them to faculty research (in view of potentially regularising it)
    • Identify opportunities to include undergraduate students in faculty research activities
    • Identify faculty members interested in and available to mentor undergraduate students and teacher-learners in the Pre-Service Professional and Advanced Professional Studies programs to conduct research projects

iii See https://www.sfu.ca/education-research-hub/services/education-graduate-student-research-resources.html

iv The use of the term ‘settler’ is informed by the report of the SFU Aboriginal Reconciliation Council (ARC):