Ten Faculty Members at Faculty of Education Awarded the SFU/SSHRC Institutional Grants

August 14, 2020

We are pleased to announce that ten of our faculty members have been awarded SFU/SSHRC Institutional Grants for Spring 2020 competition.

SSHRC Small Research Grants support scholarly research in the fields of contemporary arts, humanities and social sciences. Congratulations to investigators, co-investigators and students who were involved in these meaningful research projects.

Dr. Lynn Fels
Project title: Relational Practices: Play, Improv and Emergence in Social Spaces

Dr. Joel Heng Hartse
Project title: Investigating Instructors’ Perceptions of Good Writing in an Internationalized Economics Department

Dr. John Nesbit
Project title: Effectiveness of Argument Visualization as a Pre-Writing Activity in Undergraduate Online Learning

Dr. Margaret MacDonald & Dr. Cher Hill
Project title: Teacher and Family Experience of COVID-19

Dr. Yumiko Murai
Project title: Investigation of assessment practices by teachers conducting maker-centered learning in BC public schools

Dr. Suzanne Smythe & Dr. Nathalie Sinclair
Project title: Investigating technology exclusions and innovations among newcomer communities during COVID-19

Dr. Phil Winne
Project title:  Frayed Confidence Intervals Temper Confidence in Statistical Results

Dr. David Zandvliet
Project title: Enhancing and Maintaining Science Education Engagement through Immersive Technologies during and after the COVID-19 Pandemic