Capstone Projects

All SFU Engineering Science students conclude their degrees with a Capstone Project. This practical, engaging and often highly entrepreneurial development project provides students with a forum to tackle engineering problems of their own choosing in a dynamic and innovative way.

What will I learn?             

Capstone brings your classroom knowledge to life. Working in a small team, you’ll learn about financial and personnel management; discover efficient project and time management skills; and acquire communication, presentation and written documentation tools. You’ll conclude your program feeling confident in your newly-practicalized engineering skills – which is why these projects make our graduates highly sought-after in the workplace.

How entrepreneurial is it?

Our students are in the driving seat on Capstone, so we strongly encourage you to view this as a real-world research, design and development opportunity. For some, this means creating a product or solution that may eventually enter the marketplace – that’s why we keep our projects confidential for two years after graduation.

What kinds of projects are they?

We have facilitated many enterprising Capstone Projects. And while initial themes can be generated by faculty, industry or students, you are strongly encouraged to generate your own ideas. Recent Capstones have included voice-operated bicycle lights, an ATV automatic protection system, a motion-sensing cat toy and a musical rehabilitation assistance device. The only limits are your imagination and application.

How does it work?

There are two compulsory Capstone classes. In ENSC 405W, you’ll envisage, launch and keep your project on track, flexing your creative thinking, dispute resolution, documentation writing and oral presentation skills. In ENSC 440W, your team assumes full project responsibility, overcoming the challenges that turn students into real-world inventors, designers and entrepreneurs. Workshops, interactive classes and guest speakers – including prominent SFU Engineering Science alumni – keep you inspired throughout.

Are there any awards available for these projects?

There are three sources of funding available for student-led Capstone Projects:

More information?

Visit our dedicated site for everything you need to know about your Capstone Project – from key deadlines to past projects and from reference materials to contact information.


Visit this page to find the forms and documentations for capstone project enrollment.