Communications, Signal Processing & Networking

Digital communications have been the most transformative technology to impact society in the past 50 years. Increasingly, it’s impossible to imagine life without email, smartphones, video calls, social media, online gaming or instant access to a wealth of multimedia content.

The School of Engineering Science’s Communications, Signal Processing and Networking (CSPAN) group studies the science and engineering that makes all this possible. This ranges from signal and data acquisition, through sampling, information extraction, coding, modulation, transmission, learning and understanding and even the interaction between humans and signals.

Featuring a dynamic research portfolio managed by our world-renowned faculty, CSPAN attracts outstanding students from around the world. Our alumni have won local, national and international accolades and are highly sought after by industry and academia.

Research topics 

  • Multimedia communications: signal processing, information theory and their applications in image and video coding/processing, wavelets, joint source-channel coding
  • Computer and communication networks: wireless communication networks, multimedia transport, sensor networks; performance analysis of packet networks; simulation of protocols and scheduling algorithms; traffic collection, characterization, and modeling
  • Radio frequency technologies: power amplifier linearization using digital signal processing, Delta-Sigma modulators for high speed digital signal processing; radio-frequency integrated circuits; nonlinear radio frequency/ microwave design
  • Antenna theory and design: fields and waves, and Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO); intelligent control of communication systems
  • Wireless transmission techniques: space-time coding; cooperative communications; performance analysis over fading channels, channel estimation and equalization, modulation and detection techniques, Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM), equalization

Research labs