Computing Science launches as a program in the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies.


Computing Science begins a co-operative education program at SFU by placing 14 students with eight employers in a practicum course.


The Computing Science Program becomes a Department, having grown to 8.5 tenure track faculty.


The Computing Science Department initiates a graduate program with the approval of both MSc and PhD programs.



Engineering Science launches at SFU and admits a first and second-year class of 33 and 25 students, respectively.


Engineering Science is awarded its first industrial research contract by Mobile Data International and places its first group of 24 students into internships.


Launch of the new Faculty of Applied Sciences, bringing together Computing Science, Kinesiology, Communications, and Natural Resource Management (now Faculty of Environment) from the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies and Engineering Science (previously in a separate Faculty). Computing Science and Engineering Science become Schools within Applied Sciences.


Engineering Science is accredited by the Canadian Council of Professional Engineers and awards its first BASc degree. The Master of Engineering Program (a part-time program designed for practicing engineers) admits its first group of students.


First students admitted to Engineering Science’s Master of Applied Science Program.


Computing and Engineering Sciences move under one roof in their current space in the Applied Sciences Building.



First students admitted to the PhD program in Engineering Sciences.


Computing Science introduces a joint major in Management of Information Systems with the Beedie School of Business.


Engineering Science professor Jim Cavers wins the prestigious $100,000 Preston Manning Principal Award for Innovation for his invention of the adaptive digital predistorter, a device that increases the transmission capability of digital communications systems.


SFU Engineering Science professor Albert Leung develops and licenses his micromachined thermal accelerometer. The $1 billion market for inertial sensors finds use of his device ranging from smart shoes to NASA experiments in Mars. Leung will later win the $100,000 Preston Manning Principal Award for Innovation for the accelerometer in 2001.



Computing Science launches a joint major in Bioinformatics with the Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry.


Computing Science opens its doors at the SFU Surrey campus.


Computing Science expands into the adjacent building Technology and Science Complex at the SFU Burnaby campus.


Computing Science launches a five-year undergraduate dual degree program between Simon Fraser University (SFU) and Zhejiang University based in Hangzhou, China.


Computing Science launches the Software Systems majors program at the SFU Surrey campus. Software Systems focuses on the application of high quality software in public and private industry, and the development of practical skills so students learn to manage software life cycles.


Launch of the Mechatronic Systems Engineering Program with its first students enrolled—65 undergraduate students and a small group of graduate students–located at SFU Surrey campus.


The Mechatronic Systems Engineering program and Beedie School of Business start a five-year co-op based "Double-Degree" Program.


The Faculty of Applied Sciences is restructured to include only the Schools of Engineering and Computing Science. The new focus is on high-technology and computational teaching and research.



Systems One is launched at SFU Surrey campus as a new cohort program for students entering their first year of studies in the Faculty of Applied Sciences.  Combining core courses in both Mechatronic Systems Engineering and Software Systems, this direct-entry program is a streamlined pathway into Surrey-based programs in Applied Sciences.


Computing Science launches the dual degree Computing Science graduate program, the first of its kind in Canada, with Zhejiang University (ZU) in Hangzhou, China based on the success of its undergraduate program.


The Mechatronic Systems Engineering program at SFU Surrey receives accreditation from the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB).


The Simon Fraser University-Zhejiang University Dual Degree Program in Computing Science wins the BC Council of International Education’s award for Outstanding Program.