Wellness Events & Resources

At the Faculty of Applied Sciences (FAS), we care about your health, well-being, and student experience. To support your wellness, this resource page highlights wellness resources and services to support you during your time at SFU.

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What is Wellness?

According to SFU Health and Counselling, wellness is an active, lifelong process of becoming aware of your choices and making decisions that will help you to live a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Everyone's optimal wellness will be different, depending on your own needs, experiences, personality, and circumstances. Different aspects will fall in and out of balance as you make your way through life, however, we can try our best to maintain a balance.

Many factors can influence your health and well-being. There are 7 different interacting dimensions of wellness: emotional, financial, environmental, spiritual, career and academic, social and cultural, physical. For more information on these dimensions of wellness and on- and off-campus resources related to each dimension, please visit the Health and Counselling Services website.

Crisis Support and Services

Many different forms of emergencies can occur! If you or someone else is in an unsafe situation or in personal crisis and require immediate support, please contact: 

  • 911 or visits your nearest emergency department for critical or life-threatening conditions
  • Vancouver Crisis Line (24/7): 604-872-3311
  • BC Suicide Line: 1-800-784-2433
  • Kuu-US Crisis Response Services (24/7): 1-800-588-8717
  • SFU Campus Security: 778-782-4500

Top 10 SFU Wellness Resources

Below is a list of top 10 wellness resources to help you get started on your wellness journey.

1. My SSP

Free 24/7 Counselling Support

All SFU students can access free 24/7 counselling support from anywhere in the world by phone or through the My SSP app. Counselling and support services are available in multiple languages, are confidential, and has both a phone and chat feature.

2. Student Learning Commons (SLC)

Learning, Writing and EAL workshops

The Student Learning Commons offers a suite of workshops under the following categories; Learning, Writing, and English as an Additional Language (EAL). Workshops range from 60 to 90 minutes and provide valuable information in engaging formats. Each semester, the SLC presents a slightly different collection of workshops.

3. Recreation

Free Live Exercise Classes and Workout / Meditation Videos

Drop in for a live workout, flow through some yoga poses, or utilize some of the fit tips shared on the SFU Recreation Instagram page to improve your health and mental clarity during these uncertain times.

4. Health and Counselling Services (HCS) & Connect with Indigenous Counsellors

Support from Health Care Providers, Workshops, and Resources

SFU’s Health and Counselling Services addresses students’ mental and physical health needs through a team of doctors, nurses, counsellors, and health promotion specialists. If you are not feeling well, need support, or want to learn more about wellness, Health and Counselling services is here for you. For example, they have a list of online health and wellness resources.

The Indigenous Counsellors are available for individual appointments Monday - Friday. Please email isc_well@sfu.ca and one of the counsellors will get back to you to follow up with your request during regular office hours. Appointments are available with either Tanu Gamble, RCC or Jennifer Reandy, RCC. Please note in your email if you have a preference of which counsellor you would like to see. You may receive an email from isc_well@sfu.ca within 48hrs to follow up with your request.

5. Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL)

Disability-Related Supports and Accommodations

For students with a documented or suspected disability, the Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL) can recommend reasonable academic accommodations to offset the effects of one’s disability on academic life. Depending on the specific documented disability, accommodations could include break time on exams, note-taking assistance, textbooks in alternate formats, and more. The Centre supports a wide variety of disabilities (e.g., learning, hearing, psychiatric, chronic, vision) and temporary injuries. Registration is required to access CAL services, so contact them explore your eligibility for supports and accommodations.

6. Safety and Risk Services

Ergonomics Guides and Campus Safety and Security

Safety & Risk Services ergonomics program has guides on setting up a computer station at home. In addition, their Campus Safety and Security program including campus security escorts to support safe travel on campus 24/7, safety guides, and support services.

7. Multifaith Centre

Connect with a Chaplain or Faith Group

The Multifaith Centre seeks to facilitate living one’s faith, to support the spiritual well-being of students, staff and faculty, and to increase the understanding of and respect for religious beliefs and practices across all three campuses.

8. Career and Work Services

Explore careers, develop a strategy, and look for work

Support for anything career related, from work search to future plans. Career Education Specialists are offering appointments by phone or online.

9. Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS)

Access services or connect with a club, student union, or resource group

The Simon Fraser Student Society is a student-led organization that represents and advocates for the interests of the 25,000+ undergraduate students at SFU. They provide services and support to make your student life better. Services include information on your health and dental coverage, grants, free legal clinic, food bank program, Out on Campus LGBTQ+ resource group, and the Women’s Centre resource group. They also have a directory of student clubs and unions you can join. 

10. Graduate Student Society (GSS)

Graduate student financial support, legal services, and support for departmental caucuses

The GSS is the student society and government for all graduate students at Simon Fraser University. They represent over 4,000 students in 38 academic programs at SFU’s Burnaby, Surrey and Vancouver campuses. They offer financial support, legal services, and information about the graduate health and dental insurance plan.

Health & Wellness Workshops

Plant therapy! Take home a plant friend

Details: Tuesday, June 13 (1:00 - 2:00) in ASB 10908

About: Join us for FAS Coffee Chats first Summer session! In this session, we will talk about student challenges and discuss tips and resources to overcome them. We will do all this in the company of plants, which you can take home with you! Snacks and Tea/Coffee will be provided. Register here.

Understanding Stress with arts and craft

Details: Tuesday, June 27 (1:00 - 2:00) in ASB 10908

Engage with your FAS peers as you learn to use stress management tools and exercises with the guidance of a health and wellness life coach. This session which will include games, prizes, snacks and tea/coffee. Register here

2023 Pop-up Events

FAS Student Appreciation Board!

Details: July 4 - 7 (1:00 - 2:00) in ASB foyer

We understand that you are working very hard and midterms season can be challenging. So, join the Applied Science Faculty in aprreciating you and your peers! Leave a kind message on the message board and grab a much needed snack!