Wellness Resources

At the Faculty of Applied Sciences (FAS), we care about your health, well-being, and student experience. To support your wellness, this resource page highlights wellness resources and services to support you during your time at SFU.

If you have a health or wellness idea, tip, or resource you would like to share with FAS, please send them to fashw@sfu.ca.



Applied Sciences Mental Health Committee (Student-Organized)

The Applied Science Mental Health Committee is happy to announce our very first event, Daylightfully Distanced, to promote a healthy lifestyle by going outside and getting some exercise. Over the course of two weeks, you can enter in how much you've walked/run/jogged every day (with picture evidence). The program with the highest average distance in 2 weeks will be titled as the fittest program in FAS!

When: June 21 - July 5 @ 11:59pm

Where: Burnaby Mountain Discord https://discord.gg/rjWe9K6FsA

Who: Students from CSSS, ESSS, MSESS, SEESS, SSSS

How it works: - React in #get-a-role to get your walker role! - Go outside and get those steps in throughout the day. - At the end of the day, enter in your distances (in km) and picture evidence (taken from your fitbit/health app) into our google form (https://forms.gle/1CLTsVeY3wg1cwAN8). This cycle will continue everyday till July 5 @ 11:59 pm - throughout the event, we will be posting and updating a scoreboard - the winner will be announced on July 6

FAS Graduate Wellness Survey

The Faculty of Applied Sciences (FAS) has identified student health and wellness as a key priority. We recognize the importance of gaining feedback from graduate students to better shape our efforts in supporting all FAS graduate students. As a result, this voluntary and anonymous survey was developed to identify and understand factors affecting graduate students’ health and wellness. The survey will take approximately 10 minutes of your time to complete. Please note that you may only submit your survey response once. You are welcome to consider your experiences as they have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. After completing the survey, students will have the opportunity to submit ONE ENTRY into a draw to win of ten $20 Amazon gift cards. If you have any questions or feedback regarding the survey, please contact Wen Dee Wong, Faculty of Applied Sciences’ Graduate Program Coordinator at fas_grad_coordinator@sfu.ca

To participate in the survey, please click the link below.



Wellness Information

What is wellness?

According to SFU Health and Counselling, wellness is an active, lifelong process of becoming aware of your choices and making decisions that will help you to live a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Everyone's optimal wellness will be different, depending on your own needs, experiences, personality, and circumstances. Different aspects will fall in and out of balance as you make your way through life, however, we can try our best to maintain a balance.

Many factors can influence your health and well-being. There are 7 different interacting dimensions of wellness: emotional, financial, environmental, spiritual, career and academic, social and cultural, physical. For more information on these dimensions of wellness and on- and off-campus resources related to each dimension, please visit the Health and Counselling Services website.

Top 10 SFU Wellness Resources

Below is a list of top 10 wellness resources to help you get started on your wellness journey.

1. My SSP

Free 24/7 Counselling Support

All SFU students can access free 24/7 counselling support from anywhere in the world by phone or through the My SSP app. Counselling and support services are available in multiple languages, are confidential, and has both a phone and chat feature.

2. Centre for Educational Excellence (CEE)

Online Success for Students Canvas Course

The Centre for Educational Excellence’s Canvas course provides resources and strategies to help students succeed in remote learning environments.

3. Recreation

Free Live Exercise Classes and Workout / Meditation Videos

Drop in for a live workout, flow through some yoga poses, or utilize some of the fit tips shared on the SFU Recreation Instagram page to improve your health and mental clarity during these uncertain times.

4. Health and Counselling Services (H&C)

Support from Health Care Providers, Workshops, and Resources

SFU’s Health and Counselling Services addresses students’ mental and physical health needs through a team of doctors, nurses, counsellors, and health promotion specialists. If you are not feeling well, need support, or want to learn more about wellness, Health and Counselling services is here for you.

5. Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL)

Disability-Related Supports and Accommodations

For students with a documented or suspected disability, the Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL) can recommend reasonable academic accommodations to offset the effects of one’s disability on academic life. Depending on the specific documented disability, accommodations could include break time on exams, note-taking assistance, textbooks in alternate formats, and more. The Centre supports a wide variety of disabilities (e.g., learning, hearing, psychiatric, chronic, vision) and temporary injuries. Registration is required to access CAL services, so contact them explore your eligibility for supports and accommodations.

6. Safety and Risk Services

Ergonomics Guides and Campus Safety and Security

Safety & Risk Services ergonomics program has guides on setting up a computer station at home. In addition, their Campus Safety and Security program including campus security escorts to support safe travel on campus 24/7, safety guides, and support services.

7. Interfaith Centre

Connect with a Chaplain or Faith Group

The Interfaith Centre seeks to facilitate living one’s faith, to support the spiritual well-being of students, staff and faculty, and to increase the understanding of and respect for religious beliefs and practices across all three campuses.

8. Career and Work Services

Explore careers, develop a strategy, and look for work

Support for anything career related, from work search to future plans. Career Education Specialists are offering appointments by phone or online.

9. Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS)

Access services or connect with a club, student union, or resource group

The Simon Fraser Student Society is a student-led organization that represents and advocates for the interests of the 25,000+ undergraduate students at SFU. They provide services and support to make your student life better. Services include information on your health and dental coverage, grants, free legal clinic, food bank program, Out on Campus LGBTQ+ resource group, and the Women’s Centre resource group. They also have a directory of student clubs and unions you can join. 

10. Graduate Student Society (GSS)

Graduate student financial support, legal services, and support for departmental caucuses

The GSS is the student society and government for all graduate students at Simon Fraser University. They represent over 4,000 students in 38 academic programs at SFU’s Burnaby, Surrey and Vancouver campuses. They offer financial support, legal services, and information about the graduate health and dental insurance plan.