Community Outreach

The Faculty of Applied Sciences' many outreach initiatives are designed to engage diverse communities and spark a life-long passion for engineering and technology. 

Weekend Clubs and Summer Camps

Science AL!VE

Open to grade K to 9 students depending on the specific program.

Science Alive provides opportunities for youth to explore science beyond the textbook through hands-on, interactive discovery which stimulates their interest and fosters confidence. A student-run not-for-profit organization based at Simon Fraser University,  Science AL!VE is supported by the Faculty of Applied Sciences, and a member of Actua, a national organization that reaches 225,000 youth annually.  

Invent the Future: Artificial Intelligence Scholars Program

Open to grade 11 girls.

Invent the Future is a two-week summer enrichment program for Grade 11 girls at Simon Fraser University's Burnaby campus. During this Artifical Intelligence (AI) Scholars Program, 24 girls will explore the world of AI through team projects, industry field trips, and connecting with mentors and industry experts in a supportive yet challenging environment. Scholars will live on campus during the program, running July 9-20th, 2018.

K-12 Outreach Programs


Open to girls ages 10 to 18.

The Technovation Challenge teaches middle and high school girls how to make an app for a mobile phone using AppInventor.  This 12-week, online, after-school program is structured so that groups of girls (ages 10 to 18) learn how to identify a problem, design and test a solution, collaborate with a team and communicate effectively.  Each team will work though the Technovation curriculum with assistance from a mentor.

Go CODE Girl

Open to girls in grades 9 and 10.

The Faculty of Applied Sciences at Simon Fraser University invites girls (grades 9/10) to learn more about the wonderful world of computing science. Please join us for this free event where girls will learn to program Edison robots to navigate an obstacle course. No previous programming experience is necessary. 

Girls Get IT

Open to girls ages 9 to 11.

Each year, the Faculty of Applied Sciences hosts a great opportunity for girls aged 9 to 11 to learn about the fields of Computing Science and Engineering! Participants take part in various activities and have the chance to talk to current students about what it means to be a computing scientist or engineer. All activities are supervised by SFU faculty and staff. Girl Guides Canada participants complete all requirements for both their computing science and engineering badges. 

Try/CATCH Conference

Open to girls in grades 8 to 12.

Try/CATCH (Computing and Technology Conference for Her), organized by the Women in Computing Science (WICS) at Simon Fraser University, is a half-day event for high school girls from grades 8 to 12. Its key objective is to help girls develop an interest in computing science and the field of technology. Students will participate in a variety of enriching activities focusing on developing skills in areas such as programming, user interface design and other computing-related aspects. Networking is encouraged, with women mentors facilitating discussions about the advantages of working in the technology field.

Go ENG Girl

Open to girls in grades 7 to 8.

Nationwide engineering day Go ENG Girl gives girls the exciting opportunity to visit the SFU campus and learn from women professionals, academics and students about the wonderful world of engineering. 

Meet A Student

For Grade 10, 11, and 12 students.

Ever wonder what it's like to study in Computing Science, Engineering, or Mechatronics? With the Meet a Student opportunity, high school students are invited to visit SFU Burnaby and SFU Surrey over coffee and tea with an Applied Science student. You'll discover the program options, learn about the supportive community, and hear first hand student experiences. 

Surrey Schools Partnerships

Victory Square Girls Tech Camp

For girls in grades 6 and 7.

Launched in July 2017, Victory Square Girls Tech Camp, in partnership with Simon Fraser University’s Faculty of Applied Sciences and Surrey School District, provides grade 6 and 7 girls the opportunity to benefit from a week of learning, fun, mentorship and exposure to STEM education. The structure of the camp focuses on activities related to computer programming and engineering.

Sticks and Stars

For boys ages 9 to 12.

The Faculty of Applied Sciences is a partner in the Surrey School District's Sticks and Stars program for boys, aged 9 to 12. In Sticks and Stars, youth experience a range of activities designed to expand their personal and academic interests, and help them set goals.

Girls in Action

For girls ages 9 to 12.

The Faculty of Applied Sciences is a partner in the Surrey School District's Girls In Action program for girls, aged 9 to 12. In Girls In Action, youth experience a range of activities designed to expand their personal and academic interests, and help them set goals.

Internships and Awards

SCORE Summer Research Internship Program

The award-winning SCORE (Surrey Collaborative Outreach and Research Experience) program is a summer research internship program for graduate, undergraduate, and high school students to participate in cutting-edge research projects aimed at advancing health care and solving real-world challenges associated with medical technologies, digital health technologies, and assisted living technologies. 

SCORE participants will have the opportunity to be involved with the newest scientific research discoveries in B.C., network with numerous professionals and fellow students, and prepare for a future career in a STEM field.

Math 11 Awards

Open to grade 11 students.

The Faculty of Applied Sciences at SFU recognizes outstanding high school students in math, which is central to computing science, software systems, engineering science and mechatronic systems engineering. The Math 11 Excellence Award is granted to one male and one female Grade 11 students per participating school. Recipients are invited to explore how math applies in applied sciences at SFU's annual FAS MATH 11 Awards Evening.

* All events hosted at the SFU Burnaby Campus are wheelchair accessible.