Bachelor of General Studies Applied Sciences

A non-specialist bachelor of general studies (applied sciences) (BGS) degree offers a broad education with an applied orientation. This program cannot be applied to if you are not already a Faculty of Applied Sciences student. Faculty of Applied Sciences students may transfer to the general applied sciences program at any time after completion of at least 60 units. This program is not open for general admission or inter-faculty transfer.


Bachelor of General Applied Science (BGS)

For this degree, students must complete an overall total of 120 credits with 45 of these credits being upper division (i.e. 3XX or 4XX courses). To earn the general applied science credential, students must specifically complete 30 upper division Faculty of Science and Faculty of Applied Sciences units, subject to the following.

  • at least 21 units must be in CMPT, ENSC, MSE, MACM, and SEE coursework
  • at least 21 units must be taken at Simon Fraser University
  • a 2.00 GPA is required on the SFU courses used to fulfil this requirement

To view the specific requirements, ensure you read through the calendar requirements page.   


Bachelor of General Applied Science (BGS) - Double Minor Program

The double minor program in the Faculty of Applied Sciences leads to the Bachelor of Science degree. Students complete two minors (or extended minors), at least one of which must be in the Faculty of Applied Sciences. For the degree, students must complete additional work to reach at least 45 upper division units and at least 120 units overall. Within these totals, at least 30 upper division units and at least 80 units overall must be in Faculty of Science or Faculty of Applied Sciences courses.

(Transfer students are advised that Faculty of Applied Sciences residency requirements must be fulfilled.)

*Please contact the FAS advising for a graduation check




Restricted Enrollment form

Enrollment in Upper Division ENSC courses is restricted to students within the Engineering program. BGS students in good academic standing may be permitted to enroll in a limited number of upper division ENSC courses where this is deemed necessary to complete their degree. 

Course duplication form

Students wishing to repeat a course, either third attempt, or a repeat in excess of five, must complete and submit this online.

BGS Alternative Upper Division W Appeal Form

All Applied Sciences (APSC) Bachelor of General Studies students (BGS) are required to take an Upper Division (UD) writing course in Applied Sciences (CMPT, ENSC, MSE, MACM, or SEE). If they cannot (due to course availability, seating restrictions, etc.) then an UD W in a related discipline such as Statistics or Mathematics will be accepted. In extraordinary circumstances, exceptions may be permitted. This appeal should be used to make an exception request. 

General Appeals form

This form is for course substitutions/waivers or any other appeal that doesn’t have a dedicated form.

Degree Planner

Use the degree planner below to help you with course planning/selection and to chart your progress towards the Bachelor of General Students (Applied Sciences) credential.



Academic Advising

Visit the FAS academic advising team to plan and discuss your options in the Bachelor of Applied Sciences General Studies.

FAS Advising Schedule:


Can I return to my previous program?

  • If you were transferred or chose to transfer to the BGS from your original program you can transfer back however, you will need to meet the internal transfer requirements for your previous program.

Can I transfer to another program outside of the Faculty of Applied Sciences?

  • Yes you can however, you will need to contact the faculty or department that program belongs to for advice on their internal transfer process.