Applied Sciences After Dark

About APSC After Dark

The Applied Sciences (APSC) After Dark event provides adult learners, including parents, guardians, and teachers with the opportunity to learn and participate in STEM activities offered by our outreach programs. Whether you are looking for STEM-related programming to teach youth/class or a space to channel your inner geek/nerd, our hope is to foster an interactive learning environment for everyone to enjoy learning about STEM topics.

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Past Events

Thunkable Thursday

Our event will provide participants with insights on what we teach in our app development workshops using Thunkable, which is a drag-and-drop app builder. During this event, participants will build a mobile app using Thunkable under the guidance of our instructors. There will be a Q&A session at the end for participants to ask questions about our programs.

Event requirements

  • Internet access
  • Laptop
  • Web browser: Use this link to check your browser version
  • Thunkable account: You can sign up here
  • System requirements:
    • The system requirements for Thunkable are not listed on its website. Thunkable is developed by the same research group that developed App Inventor, let's refer to the system requirements of App Inventor.

Please download the pdf below to view the full details of the program.