Go ENG Girl

This year's Go ENG Girl event will cover the close relationship between engineering and sustainability. Students will learn about the engineering design process and its use in the global effort to keep our planet Earth green. Grade 4-7 participants will learn how to apply the engineering design process to create sustainable packaging while grade 8-12 participants will use TinkerCAD to design satellites and ocean probes to fight forest fires and oil spills. This event is open to girls and non-binary students. Participants do not need prior knowledge in engineering, sustainability, or TinkerCAD. This event is brought to you by the Faculty of Applied Sciences Outreach team and the Women in Engineering (WiE) student group.

Theme: Sustainability

Date: Saturay October 30th, 2021

Time: 9:45am - 12pm PST

Audience: Grade 4-12

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Questions: Please contact us at fascoord@sfu.ca

Participants from 2015's Go ENG Girl