Engineering Science

Teaching Excellence in Engineering Science

February 16, 2012

A great Professor”
“SUPER clear explanations”
“Tells funny stories”
“Super approachable and nice”
“Really wants us to learn”

These are just a few comments from former students of SFU Engineering Sciences professor Ash Parameswaran.  With accolades like those it is no surprise Parameswaran has been chosen as one of three faculty members to receive SFU's 2011 Excellence in Teaching Award.

Parameswaran says he loves everything about teaching and engaging with students.  Parameswaran relates a Tamil saying that knowledge is the only form of wealth that you can give to someone else without losing anything yourself.  Parameswaran shares his passion and enthusiasm as he passes on his wealth of knowledge.

With the goal of teaching and motivating his students, Parameswaran balances a variety of flexible teaching methods recognizing that not all students learn in the same way.  He strives to develop students’ ability to innovate and embrace a passion for learning. Teaching and motivating his students to go out into the world and accomplish more than he has himself is, says Parameswaran, “the fire that keeps me going.”

This is not the first time Parameswaran has been recognized for his teaching; he also received the the APEGBC Teaching Award for Excellence in Engineering and Geoscience Education in 2007.

For more information visit SFU News or view Ash Parameswaran's video.