Professor Woo Soo Kim (second from left) from SFU's School of Mechatronic Systems Engineering and Dr. Seung Woo Lee of the Georgia Institute of Technology receive the award from Hanwha Advanced Materials Corporation research centre director Dr. Yongse Park (left), and CEO Dr. Sun Suk Lee (right).

Professor Woo Soo Kim honoured with industry award for printable electronic sensors

April 21, 2016

School of Mechatronic Systems Engineering professor Woo Soo Kim has received the Hanwha Advanced Materials' Non-tenure Faculty Award, recognizing outstanding contributions from young faculty members in the advanced material field.

The award of $13,000 will help to further his already pioneering research in printable electronic sensor technology, including 3D-printed smart objects with embedded sensors.  

These advances could help further the development of the Internet of Things – a vision of the future that revolves around interconnected devices built on networks of data-gathering sensors.    

The award also marks the start of a new collaboration between Kim and the Korea-based Hanwha Advanced Materials Corporation, a global leader in advanced materials for automotive, electronics and solar energy industries. They will meet annually in Korea for two years to discuss industrial applications for Kim’s research.            

Professor Woo Soo Kim pictured at his lab at SFU's Surrey campus, where he develops the next generation of printable electronic sensors.