FAS researchers awarded $2.5 million by NSERC

July 01, 2016

New funding from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) will support the work of 14 researchers from SFU’s Faculty of Applied Sciences.

Projects to receive a boost from the funding, totaling more than $2.5 million, range from advanced 3-D printable material generation to technology that will improve how computers “see.”

Discovery Accelerator Supplement Recipients 

Woo Soo Kim, a mechatronics systems engineering professor, studies 3-D printable material generation, and is adding two high-end printers to his lab’s arsenal. His goal is to push the boundaries of 3-D printing to print batteries, electronics and antennas as 3-D objects. ($120,000)

Greg Mori, a computing science professor, is developing technology that will help improve how computers “see.” Mori develops powerful machine learning algorithms that help computers interpret objects or human actions in videos, both accurately and automatically. ($120,000)

Full list of Faculty of Applied Sciences NSERC grant recipients:

Leonid Chindelevitch: Mathematical models and computational methods for molecular epidemiology ($145,000)

Ze-Nian Li: Object Detection and Recognition in Active Video ($90,000)

Binay Bhattacharya: Resource allocation problems under uncertainty ($90,000)

Greg Mori: Structured Models for Human Activity Recognition ($420,000, including $120,000 Discovery Accelerator Supplement)

Jiannan Wang: Crowdsourced Data Cleaning ($170,000)

Richard Vaughan: Multi-Human Multi-Robot Interaction in the Wild ($145,000)

Ivan Bajic: Multimedia Ergonomics in the World of Big Data ($200,000)

Bozena Kaminska: Multi-Functional, Scalable and Controllable Nano-Structured Surfaces ($200,000)

Yifan Jian: Wavefront Sensorless and Computational Adaptive Optics for High Resolution Imaging ($145,000)

Rodney Vaughan: Smart antennas: transforming random scattered fields to controlled signals ($305,000)

Woo Soo Kim: Synergistic Evolution from 2D to 3D Printed Electronics with Versatile Nano-composite Material Systems ($330,000 including $120,000 Discovery Accelerator Supplement)

Majid Mahrami: Loschmidt Cell Gas Diffusivity Measurement System for Micro/Nano-structured Porous Media ($109,777)

Jian Pei: Computational Infrastructure for Online Big Data Analytics ($148,408)

Marinko Sarunic: Cellular imaging in the living retina with Adaptive Optics ($150,000)

Source: SFU University Communications