SFU emeritus professor Tom Calvert, former computing science professor Kori Inkpen, and Adrian Sheppard, formerly of SFU's Office of Research Services, are recipients of research awards presented at the 2017 International Conference on Graphics, Visualization & Human-Computer Interaction. (Photos from CHCCS/SCDHM)

SFU celebrates three Canadian computer science awards

May 18, 2017

The Canadian Human-Computer Communications Society (CHCCS/SCDHM) is presenting three awards this week to researchers who have demonstrated excellence in computer graphics and human-computer interaction. All three researchers have ties to SFU, including two who are former faculty members from the Faculty of Applied Sciences.

Presented at Graphics Interface—the 43rd International Conference on Graphics, Visualization & Human-Computer Interaction—the CHCCS recognizes six Canadian researchers and students for their achievement and service in the field. The research award recipients are listed below.


Canadian Digital Media Pioneer Award
This award recognizes a Canadian researcher who has made a significant contribution to the development of digital media in Canada.

2017 Recipient: Tom Calvert
Tom Calvert is an emeritus professor in SFU's School of Computing Science, School of Engineering Science, Department of Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology, and School of Interactive Arts and Technology.

“As a researcher, Tom has inspired and guided foundational work in animation, user interfaces, educational and learning technologies, visualization, and tools for performance, composition, and artistic creation. A strong entrepreneurial spirit led to academic-industrial projects and spin-offs founded by students and collaborators in character animation and VR, movement choreography and notation, and educational technology. His impact extends well beyond his personal body of work: he is a motivator and a champion of people who seek to push the envelope of digital media. He has been a strong mentor and a true statesman in creating opportunities for people to pursue their vision: working to ensure that funding, collaborators and structures existed to support others exploring those opportunities.”

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CHCCS/SCDHM Achievement Award
This award recognizes a Canadian researcher who has made a significant contribution to the field of computer graphics, visualization or human-computer interaction.

2017 Recipient: Kori Inkpen
Former SFU School of Computing Science professor Kori Inkpen is currently a principal researcher and research manager at Microsoft Research.

“Throughout her career, Kori’s work has been characterized by her focus on designing and evaluating computer tools to support collaborative activity and her persistent mentorship of younger researchers. Her doctoral research was a key component of the Electronic Games for Education in Math and Science (E-GEMS) Project. She studied how computer game technology could be used to encourage young children to learn about mathematics and science by playing games together and how subtle changes in the user interface could affect the nature of the collaboration, especially when the affect was different for girls and boys. This began a long-term interest in working with children to better understand their use of technology, both to provide insights into how best to design user interfaces for children, but also to understand how insights gained from watching children explore technology might inform the design of technology for adults.”

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CHCCS/SCDHM Service Award
This award recognizes a Canadian researcher who has made a significant service contribution to the organization.

2017 Recipient: Adrian Sheppard
Adrian Sheppard is the network manager at GRAND NCE (Graphics, Animation and New Media Network of Centres of Excellence). Prior to GRAND, he worked at SFU’s Office of Research Services.

“From the outset, Adrian Sheppard was a key member of the network’s management team. He initially held the position of Director of Operations, but was quickly promoted to Network Manager during his first year, a position he held for the remainder of GRAND’s tenure as a Network of Centres of Excellence and during the post-network wind-down period. As network manager, Adrian was responsible for all aspects of the operational management of the network and he was GRAND’s primary liaison with the NCE Secretariat. He put in place policies and procedures for managing the network and was instrumental in setting up the financial structures necessary for the multi-university partnership. He worked closely with GRAND’s Board of Directors and Research Management Committee, as well as with many of the faculty, postdoc, and student network researchers and their corporate and public partners.”

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