SFU computing science professor and 2016 Sloan Research Fellow Leonid Chindelevitch is one of 12 outstanding researchers featured in a new publication by Universities Canada.

SFU computing science professor featured among Canada’s top award-winning researchers

March 21, 2017

SFU computing science professor Leonid Chindelevitch has been recognized as one of the country’s best and brightest researchers in a new publication by Universities Canada.

Chindelevitch, who received a 2016 Sloan Research Fellowship for his breakthrough research in infectious disease modeling, is one of 12 outstanding Canadian researchers profiled in Canadian excellence, Global recognition: Celebrating Canada’s 2016 winners of major international research awards.

 “The individuals featured in the pages of this booklet are among some of the world’s leading minds in their respective fields,” says Governor General of Canada David Johnston in a foreword to the publication.

“Their accomplishments are the combined result of exceptional talent, dedication, collaboration and support, and we are all beneficiaries of their breakthrough discoveries.”

Representing a variety of disciplines, from science and engineering to health and medicine to social sciences and the humanities, these researchers all have one thing in common: the drive to tackle, and solve, some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Chindelevitch, who joined SFU in 2016 after completing his postdoctoral research at the Harvard Institute of Public Health, is no exception.

He uses big data, primarily from the genomes of infectious organisms, to predict the dynamics of infectious disease epidemics, particularly Lyme disease, HIV and tuberculosis (TB). The ultimate goal is to improve outcomes for patients, especially in low-income countries where infectious diseases can take their greatest toll.

Universities Canada hopes the publication, which will be shared with Members of Parliament and senior government officials, will “strengthen Canada’s reputation as a home to world-leading research, and help foster a country that is a key player in bettering society.”

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