Members of Team Phantom put finishing touches on their all-electric Go-Kart. Their next plan: an all-electric vehicle capable of formula race car-like speeds but without emitting carbon. The goal is produce their first vehicle to compete internationally in 2019.

Students aim to build zero emissions race car for first international contest

November 16, 2017

Interdisciplinary student team kicks off fundraising drive to meet goal for spring 2018

A team of SFU students has begun its design work on an all-electric vehicle, one that is capable of hitting the high speeds of a formula race car but without emitting carbon. Members of Team Phantom are steering their efforts towards an international contest—the Formula SAE Electric competition—to be held in the U.S. in the spring of 2019.

They hope to use sound engineering principles, electric motors and reusable batteries to create their sustainable car, and become one of more than 150 schools from across North America represented at the competition—a first for the team and for SFU.

“We recently completed an all-electric Go Kart outfitted with reusable electric batteries,” says team member Edward Chiang. “It was an excellent way to work together and test our skills so we can determine our readiness for the next level – the race car design.”

Team Phantom is comprised of approximately 25 students. While most are from the School of Mechatronic Systems Engineering based at SFU’s Surrey campus, students from all disciplines are encouraged to join.

“The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Team Phantom is family,” says Chiang. “We are a team that not only strives to innovate, but also to include all faculties across SFU.

"While the technical team works hard to make the project a reality, the promotions team is educating the public on the importance of moving to electric vehicles and hopes to improve the world’s efforts to look for more sustainable ways to travel and live.”

The team is also testing its mettle at fundraising – yet another skill this talented group of students can add to their resumes. They’ve set up a peer-to-peer campaign on SFU’s crowdfunding channel, USEED, to raise an initial $3,000 to help cover their vehicle and competition costs.

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Team Phantom is one of just a few SFU clubs that operate towards a project-based goal, and is inclusive of members from all faculties. Building an SAE Electric race car requires a diverse body of students with different skillsets from a wide variety of backgrounds. To achieve this, the team strives to build a tight-knit family working together to connect with the community. The team is based at SFU’s Surrey campus, which offers a wide range of programs and provides a convenient location. The team shares information about sustainable transportation by participating in community events such as Fusion Fest, Party for the Planet Surrey and more.