And the academic ‘Gold Medal’ goes to Jonn Axsen in the Sustainable Transportation Event!

September 08, 2021

Decarbonizing transportation is a complicated feat but SFU sustainable transportation expert Jonn Axsen is researching policies and pathways to help Canada meet its stringent climate goals. By incorporating consumer behaviour and cultures, technology development, and public policy into his research, Axsen offers relevant insights to craft policy that activates meaningful and needed change.  To help society break its addiction to driving (mostly alone) in fossil-fuel powered vehicles, his research looks at the potential for electric vehicles as well as car-share programs, vehicle automation and other alternative forms of mobility. 

Axsen, an associate professor with the School of Resource and Environmental Management, and Director of the Sustainable Transportation Action Team (START) has been named a Member of the College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists to the Royal Society of Canada (RSC).  This year, he joins 10 other SFU faculty members who have been inducted into the RSC. 

The RSC recognizes leaders who have made remarkable contributions in the arts, humanities and sciences.  The College is Canada’s first national system of multidisciplinary recognition for the emerging generation of Canadian leaders. Recognition by the RSC is Canada’s highest academic honour or ‘Gold Medal’.

"This is a high honour for myself and my research team," says Axsen. "The RSC College celebrates the exact type of applied research that we strive for -- combining academic rigour with real-world practicality. We want to push forward the academics while also helping governments to meet their essential environmental goals. "

Axsen takes a truly interdisciplinary approach in his research working with economists, sociologists, psychologists, engineers and system modellers on the academic side.  He also connects with other stakeholders from industry, NGOs, and governments at the local, national and international levels to find solutions for cutting the emissions caused by our reliance on fossil fuels.