Sterling Hillman (he/him)

Major: Resource and Environmental Management


Post-secondary doesn't have to be a straight path.


Sometimes one path leads to another. Sterling actually started off at Douglas College developing a strong foundation in environmental studies that inspired him to transfer into the Resource and Environmental Management program at SFU.

But post-secondary isn’t just about taking courses and passing exams. Like many students in the faculty, Sterling found various opportunities to pursue and augment his degree. An example is the co-operative education program that places students into different paid job opportunities. Working with the City of Vancouver, Sterling promoted water efficiency initiatives through public education and engagement.  He was also a research assistant at SFU working on storm surge protection. This research helps protect coastal wetlands and mangroves in changing climate conditions.

Sterling graduated last year and is now studying at the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Law in the field of Energy, Natural Resources, and Indigenous Law.  

From starting off at Douglas to continuing law school, Sterling is an example of how SFU’s Faculty of Environment can open up new pathways wherever you are in your educational journey.