Be Matched with an EnvironMentor

If you're new to SFU, welcome! You may have some questions, concerns and curiosity about what this next stage of your life will bring; you're not alone. Through the EnvironMentors program, you can get to know an upper-year student in the Faculty of Environment and get their tips and tricks for succeeding in your first year at SFU.

Why should I join?

  • Feel connected and engaged to the SFU community and the Faculty of Environment.
  • Become more informed of resources that will help contribute to your academic and social success at SFU.
  • Learn about opportunities to get involved and gain valuable volunteer or work experience.

How does the program work?

  • You will be matched with one of our fabulous EnvironMentors based on a variety of factors including common academic and social interests. 
  • Your EnvironMentor will reach out to you initially via email or text, and the rest will be up to you! Your mentor can simply answer your questions, or you can meet up for coffee, and/or join in group zoom socials and other events throughout the term.
  • Your EnvironMentor's role is to hear you out, inform you of resources, and provide you with advice on how to succeed at SFU!