Gordon Ching

Gordon's involvement in research and community engagement on sustainability in the fashion industry secured his invitation from XRC Labs and Parsons School of Design in New York City to speak at a fashion industry event on sustainability and the circular economy.

At the heart of my passions are social entrepreneurship, the environment, and leadership. I’m currently pursuing a degree within The Faculty of Environment (FENV) for Human Geography. SFU and FENV has provided me with numerous personal and professional development opportunities in and outside the classroom; my classes have honed my critical thinking and analysis skills, while also developing a greater understanding of society and the issues that affect us today.

Beyond the faculty, extra-circulars are necessary to develop networks and competitive skills for the future workplace. By being in numerous nonprofit organizations, it has truly developed my capacity to become an effective and resilient leader. Ranging from experiences in social media, entrepreneurship, marketing, conference management and business development. All of these skills can be translated into my studies at FENV to provide a practical understanding of how socioeconomic issues can be solved with these skills I have learnt. 

Within the community, I am currently the University Ambassador for Launch Academy, a technology pre-accelerator for startups; a Communications Officer for Shark Truth, a grassroots nonprofit for shark conservation; and the National Director of Publicity for the AIESEC Canada Youth to Business Forum, a conference that discusses Canada’s path to becoming a more competitive and sustainable leader. All these skills and experiences at SFU and outside have develop my confidence and skills necessary to take on these roles, and have a deeper understanding of the changing landscape of the Canadian economy.

For 2013-2014, I was the National Vice President of Communications and Marketing for AIESEC Canada in Toronto. Leading over 2000 volunteers across 28 local university chapters, and also being personally responsible for the national strategy of the organization. SFU and FENV have played a fundamental role in developing my ability to grow as a student, but also flourish as a youth leader tackling socioeconomic issues that affect Canada today.  

I'm currently the Chief Digital Officer and Global Vice President, Digital Marketing for AIESEC.

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

Written by Gordon Ching LinkedIn