Samuel Apuugum


Where is your hometown, and which secondary school did you attend?
My hometown is Abuja (Nigeria). I went to Saints Simon and Jude's Minor Seminary, and Fraser International College.

Why did you choose SFU and the Faculty of Environment?
I chose SFU because of its diversity and the programs it offered. I chose the faculty because it has always been my interest and it is an avenue to rectifying the problems we are facing globally, both socially and and environmentally.

What program are you in?
Global Environmental Systems Major (Bachelor of Environment)

How did you choose your program? Why is it right for you?
I chose my program because it encompasses different aspects of environmental studies, focusing on not just the science aspect but also social and policies involved.

What message do you have for new students? What do you wish you knew then? 
They should be passionate about the environment as a whole and realize that there is never a fixed or dominant ideology when dealing with environmental issues. They should be very open minded to listening to different aspects and perspectives from people so they get a more profound idea of why our environment is the way it is and always be creative with their ideas in finding solutions to problems.

Do you have a favourite class?
I don't have one, but all the REM classes I have taken are awesome and I would definitely recommend them.

What are your plans for the future, be that the rest of your time at SFU or post-graduation?

My main plans for the future are to work for the UN or be a part of the new Trudeau government to make positive impacts surrounding environmental issues globally, and then transfer that knowledge and experience back to my hometown in Nigeria where I can do even more to help the people there.

I am SFU because...

I am unique, I am diverse, and I am willing to take risks that are essential.

Fun fact:
My favourite sport is soccer and it's just very special to me because I have grown up playing and watching it and it also creates an avenue to meet and interact with people from different areas of life.