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Engaging Big Data, Unlocking Knowledge
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Why KEY?

KEY, SFU’s Big Data Initiative, provides tools, training and expertise to unlock the potential of big data. We are engaging people in advanced computing for innovation in teaching, research and community impact.


Deliver new research breakthroughs using data-intensive approaches across domains and disciplines.


Access powerful infrastructure to integrate, manage and secure your data on a massive scale.


Find training and expertise to learn how big data can help you advance your coursework, research or business


Leverage big data to uncover intelligence and insights to drive your business forward.

We empower people to use big data to advance knowledge and solve real world problems. 

“These skills and experiences will impact my future career because they are easily transferable across disciplines and subjects. This will be attractive to future employers, and also will be more useful in collaborations.”

Jayme Lewthwaite, PhD student, Biological Science

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