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Our job-ready talent can bring new knowledge and skills to your organization. We connect you to our co-op and other academic programs such as SFU's Master of Science in Professional Computer Science.

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Competition to attract highly skilled talent is fierce. Access SFU’s big data talent pipeline and get connected to our graduates and students that are looking for new opportunities.

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We show you how you can access wage subsidies and grants when you hire an SFU co-op student.

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Access a part time or full time student by purchasing bundles of consulting hours, enabling more agile hiring to address your specific business or project needs.

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Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) partnered with SFU and the University of British Columbia (UBC) to engage computing and data science students to solve a current business issue ESDC is facing. In addition to supporting monetary prizes, winners will be considered for potential career opportunity with ESDC. There was an overwhelming positive response from students for the Hackathon, with seven SFU and seven UBC teams, totaling 56 registrations. Through this event, SFU connected ESDC with talented students with the technical skills they were looking for.

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