Artificial Intelligence at SFU

Building on SFU’s long history of foundational and applied research in artificial intelligence, SFU’s Big Data Hub is supporting data-driven research and development activities in conjunction with recent investment in advanced research computing and innovation; sparking new collaborations that combine big questions and big ideas with data-intensive discovery.

The Big Data Hub provides a platform for the public and private sector to share best practices, projects and insights into how big data and AI are being used to create innovative and equitable solutions to challenging problems. Through mission-driven partnerships, we provide the tools, training and expertise to increase data literacy among communities and all three levels of government. We have a common mission with the SFU Data for Good Initiative, which applies data science capabilities to solve society’s real-world problems.

AI Innovations at SFU

SFU Researchers Help Develop AI tool for Speedy COVID-19 diagnosis
Yagiz Aksoy, School of Computing Science, SFU

Virtual Reality Training to Launch for Healthcare Workers in BC
Dr. Steve DiPaola, School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT), SFU

SFU Team Fights Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis with Artificial Intelligence
Leonid Chindelevitch, School of Computing Science, SFU, Maxwell Libbrecht, School of Computing Science, SFU

Virtual Reality and AI to Teach English
Bertrand Lee, Director, SFU's English Language and Culture Program (ELC)
Virtro, supported by SFU VentureLabs

Taking New Media to New Creative Levels with AI
Kıvanç Tatar, School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT), SFU, PhD and multi-media artist

AI and "Human" Chatbots
Steve DiPaola, School of Interactive Art and Technology (SIAT), SFU

Artificial Intelligence Robot Reduces Waste Contamination at SFU
Vivek Vyas, Student, SFU’s School of Mechatronic Systems Engineering and Hassan Murad, Co-Founder, Intuitive AI

MetaOptima Technology Inc.
Maryam Sadeghi, Co-Founder and CEO, MetaOptima Technology Inc., SFU Alumni

Big Data Approaches for Synergy between Artificial Intelligence and Clinical Brain Imaging
Sam Doesburg, Biomedical Physiology, Kinesiology, SFU, Urs Ribary, Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience Institute, SFU, Casily Vakorin, Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology, SFU

Artificial Intelligence Powers Clinical Decision Making
Michael Irvine, Patrik Tan, Matt Ptoma
Fraser Health Hackathon, held in partnership with Simon Fraser University

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