SFU's Big Data Hub Services

You have data. You need solutions. We can help. Simon Fraser University empowers you to turn data into action.

The volume and complexity of data today is skyrocketing. Yet, many leaders are unsure about how to unlock data for impact. At SFU, we’re lowering the barriers for people to engage with big data. SFU connects you with the training and expertise you need to put your big data to work. Start your data journey today. 

How We Work


Your journey starts with us listening (and asking lots of questions). We spend the time to really understand your big—or small—data challenges.


Your data problems require diverse perspectives. We assemble the right team to collaborate with you and design customized solutions that meet your needs.


You expect valuable insights and impact. We bring experience, knowledge and cutting-edge approaches to deliver real results.

What We Offer

SFU connects you to leading experts across the data lifecycle to deliver insights and solutions. We closely collaborate with you to understand your needs from a holistic perspective. We focus on the outcome envisioned and assemble the right team to deliver. Our solutions are tailored to support your team’s work and its business or research needs. From consulting to customized workshops, we’re delivering big data solutions that drive organizations forward.  

Our team includes leading experts in:

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Computer Vision

  • Machine Learning

  • Big Data Analysis

  • Data Engineering

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Business Analytics

  • Data Management

  • Statistical Analysis

  • Complex & Predictive Modelling

  • Data Mining

  • Visual Analytics

  • And more



Customized training to build the skills your team needs to make better data-driven decisions for your organization, delivering hands-on instruction and guidance at your workplace.

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Uncover opportunities to leverage big data to improve your products, services or processes by collaborating with our experts.

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Access the next generation of job-ready talent with the skills to harness data for positive outcomes through SFU Co-op opportunities, hackathons and innovative education programs.

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Access Infrastructure

We make big data accessible by engaging people in public panel sessions, hackathons, conferences and workshops.

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