From genomics to criminology, from physics to healthcare, Simon Fraser University seeks to spark new collaborations that combine big questions and big ideas with data-intensive discovery.

SFU is building on a decade of leadership in the field of big data, investing in advanced research computing to accelerate scholarship and innovation by bringing new data tools and resources to all members of our campus community. We are investing in the growth of data-intensive research across all eight Faculties to raise awareness of big data in every field of study and mobilize knowledge for real world impact. Our academic programs and strategic partnerships harness the power of big data to contribute to a competitive economy and the development of skills and expertise in our work force.

What We Offer


We forge partnerships to put data into action, supporting innovation, entrepreneurship and a competitive economy.

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Workshop and Events

We provide workshops and events in big data approaches that connect diverse people and build communities of practice.

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Big Data Consulting Services

SFU's Big Data Hub is a one-stop portal for big data consulting services, including advanced research computing, data visualization, digital humantiies support and more.

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Big Data Academic Advisory Committee

Angela Brooks Wilson
Associate Vice-President, Research (pro tem). Office of the Vice-President, Research and International

Derek Bingham
Associate Professor, Statistics and Actuarial Science

Uwe Glässer
Professor, Computing Science

JM Goh
Associate Professor, Management Information Systems/Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Mark Jordan
Associate Dean of Libraries, Digital Strategy

Carman Neustaedter
Dean, Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology, Professor

Fiona Brinkman
Professor, Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Pascal Haegeli
Assistant Professor, Department of Resource and Environmental Management

Hui Xie
Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences

Fred Popowich
Scientific Director, SFU's Big Data Hub

Wendy Chun
Professor, School of Communication and Canada 150 Research Chair in New Media

Nathalie Sinclair
Professor, Faculty of Education and Canada Research Chair in Tangible Mathematics Learning

Mark Roman
Chief Information Officer

Colette Colligan
Professor, English. Co-Director, Digital Humanities Innovation Lab

Jiannan Wang
Assistant Professor, Computing Science