Using Data

Data for Impact

SFU empowers people to use data for real-world impact 

Data for Good

Bringing together those that do good with SFU experts to create positive social change.

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Cybersecurity and Resilience

Increasing our nation’s security capabilities.

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Artificial Intelligence at SFU

Providing a platform for the public and private sector to share best practices, projects and insights into how big data and AI are being used to create innovative and equitable solutions to challenging problems.

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Delivering advanced systems that can anticipate threats, develop responses, deploy resources in order to help ensure the safety of our troops and increase the capabilities of our forces.

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Security and Resilience

Helping Canada anticipate and adapt to evolving threats, protect citizens at home and abroad, and increase resilience among the public and private sectors.

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Gender Gap Tracker

Using the latest advances in big data analytics and text data mining to measure gender equity in news sources.

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Avoid and Detect

Developing technolgies to protect oceans, marine life and marine life safe.

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Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for Defence

Delivering innovation in immersive technologies.

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