Uncover opportunities to improve your products, services or processes by collaborating with our big data experts.

Working with our multidisciplinary experts can help your team and organization identify novel solutions for your challenges. If you are looking to improve products and processes, or build solutions that address social or economic issues, we connect you with the right team of experts that meet the specific needs of your organization.

Leverage big data to meet your needs

We design and lead ideation sessions with you and your stakeholders to identify innovative ways to solve your unique challenges using the latest advances in AI and data science.

Collaborate with SFU Researchers

We connect diverse partners from government, industry and other organizations with SFU’s leading researchers to address and solve compelling questions for our society, economies and communities.

Access Experts

Our experts at SFU have extensive experience working with our partners to solve challenges in government, industry and the community. We connect you with leaders in the field that have the experience and expertise to work together with your teams to uncover tailored solutions to your challenges.

What We Offer

Ideation Session

We assemble an interdisciplinary team of experts to understand you and your customer’s challenges and provide a roadmap and action plan that addresses your specific needs.

Free Initial Consultation

Your initial conversation with our experts will help you identify potential avenues to address your problems.

Case Study

BC Ministry of Health COVID-19 Modelling 

SFU is helping British Columbia’s health authorities create more informed resource and emergency response plans. SFU is working with the Ministry of Health to model several scenarios that have already better equipped BC to handle the COVID-19 crisis. This is enabling BC’s Ministry of Health to leverage SFU’s expertise to meet growing health care demands.

Past Partners