Simon Fraser University has one of the largest and most diverse linguistics programs in Canada. The following are just some of the topics you can study in our courses:

  • how speech sounds are produced in our vocal tracts
  • the formal properties of sound systems and grammatical structures
  • the history of languages
  • the ways that language conveys meaning and is used in social interactions
  • how languages are learned by children and adults
  • how diverse and unique the First Nations languages of Canada are.  

Linguistics graduates may work as ESL teachers, speech language assistants, and in information technology. With further education, a student can become an audiologist or a speech therapist/pathologist. A student can also continue graduate study in linguistics to become a professional linguist and have a career in education and academia.

The Department of Linguistics offers a variety of undergraduate programs including:

Joint majors with:

and certificate programs:

For those wishing to complete degree requirements outside of linguistics but are interested in language and linguistics, the general interest courses listed below have no prerequisites. Please see the Course Outlines database for further information.

LING 100-3 Communication and Language
LING 111-3 Introduction to English Vocabulary Analysis
LING 160-3 Language, Culture, and Society
LING 200-3 Introduction to Sentence Analysis
LING 220-3 Introduction to Linguistics
LING 280-3 Interdisciplinary Topics in Linguisitics
LING 290-3 The Science of Speech