Financial Awards

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📆 Last updated: May 2023

Please make sure your GPR is complete in order to be eligible for Graduate Fellowships.

MSE Graduate Fellowships (GF)

GFs are the most common type of merit-based financial award at graduate level. Students will be notified by email every time a GF competition opens. Applicaitons are submitted through the Graduate Awards Application Adjudication System (GA3). Below are the requirements for MSE's GF competitions.

The eligibility criteria outlined below indicate the minimum requirements to be considered for GFs. Graduate Fellowships are competitive and meeting the minium requirements does not guarantee an award. Students are ranked based on their academic and research performance. 

Eligibility Criteria

Students must meet the eligibility requirements below to be qualified for GFs:

  • Successfully completed two (2) graduate courses graded on standard grading basis (A to F)
  • Have minimum of 3.50 CGPA

  • Be within the GF term limit for your program
    • MASc students: be within the first 9 terms (9th term inclusive) of your program
    • PhD students: be within the first 15 terms (inclusive) of your program
  • Be enrolled full-time in the term in which you are submitting the GF application (as an MSE MASc or PhD student, if you are enrolled in at least one class, you are considered a full-time student)

  • Be enrolled full-time in the term your award will be disbursed (if you are selected)
  • Do not have any DE grades on your transcript
    If you have a grade change request, please email before the GF deadline.

  • Have your supervisory committee declared within 2 terms of admission.
    If you have recently declared and your form is currently being processed, you will still be eligible for GFs. Please refer to the Supervisory Committees page for details.
  • PhD students beyond 6 terms of admission/transfer into the program must have passed their Qualifying Exam.

  • Will not have defended your thesis before your disbursement.

Required Documents

Students must attach these documents to their application.

  • CV
    Please include publications if you have any. Clearly indicate which ones are for journals and which ones are for conferences.

 Submit it through Canvas and GA3.

  • Graduate Progress Report (GPR)
    If you have received a GPR invite via goSFU, make sure the status of your report is complete, and your overall progress is a minimum of Satisfactory. Please see the Progress Reports page for instructions.

    Students who are in their first 2 terms are exempt from submitting progress reports.

Make sure to submit the above documents to the locations specified and note that documents from previous GA3 applications cannot be transferred to a current application.

Supervisory Statements

FAS GF applications require a letter from supervisors agreeing to match the award amount for students who are not on RAships  (i.e. if you are being awarded $3,500 from FAS, your supervisor will also provide you the same amount, making your total award $7,000)

Supervisory statements are only required for FAS GFs, and should not be submitted for the Main GF competition.