Important Dates

MSE 410 - 411 Important Dates prior to project start 

Note:  If you are on co-op then you cannot take any capstone courses.



Project topics to be sent to the Instructor for approval*.

Email a one page proposal with a clear eight month timeline and defined tasks and objectives

Eligible Projects Topics can be proposed by:

  1. MSE Faculty members – to submit a one page proposal with a clear 8 month required Deliverables
  2. Industry – e.g. extension of a co-op – Co-op Employer or Company  to submit a one page proposal with a clear 8 month required Deliverables. In certain co-op related projects, smaller group sizes may be entertained provided that your employer confirms the project is a team effort within the company. The company and its university liaison must be approved by the instructor.
  3. Students   
  4. Competition projects – e.g. Formula SAE, Faculty Advisor will provide project details
November 17
  • A list of the 4th year Capstone Projects for MSE 410 & 411  will be listed on MSE website.
  • The project topic list may be updated up and until July 20th (for Fall term) or November 30th (for Spring term).
  • The topic must be unique to an approved project team.
November 24
  • Students to form groups of four and select a topic. (In exceptional cases groups of 3 or 5 may be accepted.)
  • In case you do not have a team and do not have your classmates’ contact information,
    • either, register for a project and team members will be assigned to you (Talk to the project sponsor)
    • or, contact to receive anyone of your classmate's emails to discuss formation of a team. 
  • Team Approval policy: It is the role of the project SPONSOR to notify the Instructor. 
  • The SPONSOR MUST Email “SELECTED” team and
  • project topic to 
  • Please note: No one without a project will be allowed to register for the course.
December 15