Sample Project Demo/Presentation/Success Stories

Project 2021:  Green Waterways Ltd. – All Electric Sailboat
Team 1: Shri Sai Teja Duddella, Armaan Lageri, Mohammed Arif, Cao Tan, Selikem Kwadzovia, Seyed Sepehr Rezvanifard
Team 2: Syed Salman Haider Abdi, Duncan Wangombe Gichuru, Junayed A Nowshad, Chad Graham, Michael Doull
Sponsor(s): Green Waterways Ltd. and Dr. Patrick Palmer,  Professor,  School of Mechatronic Systems Engineering
Supervisor(s): Patrick Palmer,  PhD, P.Eng, Professor, Mechatronic Systems Engineering Gheorghe Coman, Green Waterways Ltd.

Project 2021: Building an Autonomous Vehicle Using Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision
Team 1: Alzaib Karovalia, Syed imad azeem Rizvi, Uzair Bawany, Abdullah Tariq, Afnan Hassan
Supervisor(s): Ahmad Rad, PhD, PEng, Professor, Mechatronic Systems Engineering

Project 2021: 6-axis Robot 3D-printing Control
Team: Shawn Liu, Joshua Fritsch, Ahmed Maqsood, Tomas Bourassa, Ron Calara
Supervisor(s): Dr. Woo Soo Kim, PhD, P.Eng. Associate Professor, Mechatronic Systems Engineering

Project 2021:  Immersive Remote Operated Drone Boat for Search and Rescue
Team 1: Mohammad Safar, Amoldeep Samra, Gurjot Waraich, Hanieh Zahiremami, Pouya Alaeiilkhchi
Sponsor(s): VRX Simulators
Supervisor(s): Ramtin Rakhsha, PhD, PEng, Lecturer, Mechatronic Systems Engineering

Success Story: Moment Energy - Forbes list of 30 under 30 North America

"Moment Energy, cofounded in 2020 by Edward Chiang, Gabriel Soares, Sumreen Rattan and Gurmesh Sidhu (2019 MSE capstone students), recycles electric vehicle batteries when the cars stop being used and repurposes them for off-grid energy generation projects. Used battery packs are significantly cheaper, and with 80% of their capacity remaining are sufficient for stationary load management systems. The company has raised $9.2 million in funding." -