About Us

Our Mission

Simon Fraser University Publications is dedicated to publishing texts and textbooks of high production quality and peer reviewed content for use in university courses and for general use in the academic community. Our texts include a wide range of academic publications in Criminology, English Literature, Linguistics, and Kinesiology, including reprints and new editions, and they are competitively priced.

The SFU Publications Board

Dr. Paul Budra
Director, SFU Publications
Chair, Department of English
Simon Fraser University

Dr. John Whatley
Managing Editor, SFU Publications
Associate Member, Department of English (ret)
Associate Member, School of Criminology
Simon Fraser University

Dr. Katherine McManus
Program Director, Writing and Publishing Program (ret.)
Simon Fraser University

Dr. Robert M. Gordon
Professor, School of Criminology
Simon Fraser University

Dr. Bettina Cenerelli
Director of Strategic Academic Planning and Student Engagement
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Simon Fraser University

Andrew Chesham
Associate Director - Creative Writing Program, Continuing Studies
Simon Fraser University