The Foundation and Processes of Clear Communication

Cheryl Stephens

Foundations and Processes of Clear Communication will walk the writer through a process for understanding how a public audience is also a specific audience and it is that specific audience the writer must address.  With guidelines, suggestions and examples of practice, Stephens’ text will help the writer to clarify the purpose and intent of their writing.  

Effective communication is not a random occurrence but rather the result of careful planning.  Whether you are writing government documents or forms, websites, executive reports, all are written for the purpose of communicating necessary information.  Stephens’ text helps writers to understand that the process for developing content for a specific purpose ensures readers can find the information they need and act on quickly and easily.

Katherine McManus:  Director of the Writing and Communications Program Continuing Studies, Simon Fraser University BC Canada, (ret); education design consultant and partner, IC Clear, an international consortium developing a professional certificate in Clear Communication.

ISBN-10: 1772871052

ISBN-13: 9781772871050


About the Author

Cheryl Stephens, B.A. Hons., J.D., is a recognized expert in accessible communication with over 35 years of experience. As an educator and trainer, she has significantly enhanced the communication skills of professionals in law, writing, and editing.

In 1993, Stephens founded the Plain Language Association International, a pioneering organization advocating for clear communication worldwide. She launched International Plain Language Day in 2013 and founded Plain Canada Clair in 2019, both initiatives promoting clarity in public and legal communications. PLAIN established the Cheryl Stephens Award for Innovation.

She has led the LinkedIn Plain Language Research group for 10 years. Her academic background includes studies in journalism, political science, law, and communications at Simon Fraser University. Her focus has shifted to neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and the science of reading, to gain a deeper understanding human cognition and behavior related to communication.



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