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In his foreword to emerge 16Raoul Fernandes, author of Transmitter and Receiver, says: “The writers in this anthology show such bravery and risk-taking. Sometimes it’s the courage to have a character commit a tragic irreversible act with a gun in a forest. Or... asking a simple question in a prose poem—is my blue your blue?—can be a startling move.”

Emerge 16 includes contributions from students in the Writer's Studio, the creative writing certificate program at Simon Fraser University, mentored by Kevin Chong (Fiction), Hiromi Goto (Speculative Fiction), JJ Lee (Creative Non-Fiction), Meredith Quartermain (Poetry) and program director Wayde Compton. New this year are contributions from students who completed the inaugural year of The Writer’s Studio Online (TWSO) program in June 2016 mentored by Eileen Cook (YA/Speculative Fiction), Claudia Cornwall (Creative Non-Fiction), June Hutton (Fiction) and Fiona Tinwei Lam (Poetry).

Raoul Fernandes — Foreword


Elaine Cross — Bodies in Motion
Clara Cristofaro — This Bird
Amelia Teresa Hirota — Unlikely Love
Ben Ross — The Greatest
Lindsay Beckett — The Distance Between Us
Yaron Sidney Butterfield — From Far and Wide
Jacob Enns — The Grieving Ride
Azmina Kassam — The Final Hour
Eric Macnaughton — The Box
Natasha Barber — Meanderings of a Bizarre Year
Carolyn Bentley — Magic Hour
Lakshmi Iyer — Life Lessons
Lucía I. Terra — The Best Line of Defence
Jennifer Simon — The Runaway
Katrine Cardew — The Squeaky Door
Sara Hansen — Hay and Leather
Tara Cullis — Old Town: Lax Galts’ap

Speculative and YA fiction

Emma Cleary — Sea Monster
Nick Clewley — The Weight of Us
Helen Platts-Johnson — The Fine Art of Living
Judy Bicep — The Good Ghost
C. Bruce Johnson — The Numinous Waning Season
Kitty Widjaja — The Garuda Child
Renée McTavish — On Dance Floors
Crystal Soto — Where Have the Kids Gone?
Grace Konn — Einstein Girl
Alessia Yaworsky — The Business of Dreams
Jocelyne Gregory — All the Dogs Are Dancing
Lisa Voisin — Brigid the Amazon
Cynthia Sharp — Marcie of the Stars
Akem — Chakara Tea House
K.H. Lau — Arbutus
Ken Johns — Lost in Time
Sarah Katyi — Only in Belmont Park

Poetry and lyric prose

Heather Louise Walmsley — four poems
Ivy Pharness — two poems
Carole Harmon — two poems
Zoe J. Dagneault — two poems
Donna May Cross — It Was a Perfect Fall Day
Jan Klimas — four poems
Adriane Giberson — three poems
Christina Boschmann — two poems
Quinn Anderson — four poems
Emily Olsen — four poems
Sylvia Symons — two poems
Lisa Milne — three poems


Jackie L. Carmichael — The Catch
Loghan Paylor — Transubstantiation
Jasmine Frances Sealy — Green Line
Emmet Matheson — Saddle in the Rain
Coranne Creswell — The Trophy
Sandi Myrlene — Frozen in Time
H.C. Phillips — Object,–Obsess,–Compulse,–
Martina Wolff — Retail Kings
Liz Laidlaw — Finding Lotusland
Jennifer F. Santucci — The Camphor Tree
Leslie Comrie — These Are the Things That Change You
Michel Beaudry — Storm Crossing
Christine Lai — Colour Beginning


ISSN: 1925-8267

ISBN: 978-1-77287-007-7 (pbk)

ISBN: 978-1-77287-008-4 (e-book)


About the Author

The Writer's Studio is the creative writing certificate program at Simon Fraser University, mentored by Kevin Chong (Fiction), Eileen Cook (YA/Speculative Fiction), Claudia Cornwall (Creative Non-Fiction), Hiromi Goto (Speculative Fiction), Stella Harvey (Fiction and Personal Narrative), JJ Lee (Creative Non-Fiction), Fiona Tinwei Lam (Poetry), Jen Sookfong Lee (Fiction), Betsy Warland (Poetry) and program director Wayde Compton.


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