Management Challenges in Canadian Federal Corrections

2nd Edition

Sherry A. Mumford

Management Challenges in Canadian Federal Corrections, 2nd Edition illustrates the practical issues associated with federal correctional administration and practice in Canada. It incorporates current abstract material with interview information or narratives provided by various agents of administrative practice within Correctional Service of Canada (CSC).

The book assumes that you have some basic knowledge of Criminology, the criminal justice system, and perhaps CSC as a subsystem of this system. It is written for upper level undergraduate students.
Through its combination of interviews and theory, Management Challenges in Canadian Federal Corrections, 2nd Edition will give students a real sense of the practical dilemmas and issues in corrections and an understanding of what are often competing but legitimate public agendas.
After working through this text, a student who is interested in a career in Canadian Corrections should be better prepared for the job. For those whose area of focus is research in the field of corrections, this work should help in understanding the organization. For the working professional in the field of corrections, this text should help you to study the organization as a working whole.

"This is a very interesting book which will have taken considerable planning, research and effort. I commend the authors on this. The notion of presenting an academic review of information regarding a topic and then juxtaposing interviews with senior officials will give the reader a unique insight into the similarities and differences between what is written and what practice means on the ground in CSC. That will be useful for all students."

—Tim Stiles, BC Justice Institute (ret)

"The number and variety of quotations/comments from CSC Administrators is a major strength of the text. The topic selection is excellent and highly relevant to today’s corrections… written at just the right level to challenge university readers."
—Harold Golden, CSC (ret)


ISBN: 978-1-77287-013-8


About the Author

Sherry Mumford is the author of Management Challenges in Canadian Federal Corrections, 2nd Edition and has presented papers focusing on crime and drugs at international venues. She is a contracted instructor in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of the Fraser Valley. She is also a Director, Mental Health and Substance Use, for the Fraser Health Authority. Research interests include the relationship between different drugs and different crimes, women, crime and the criminal justice system, policy analysis., correctional practices and media with respect to reporting on various crime and drug issues.


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