Voicing the Essay: Reading and Writing for Depth

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The Author differs in his approach from many standard introductions to the essay genre by avoiding the impression that published (and famous) essays by professionals are in themselves appropriate models for imitation by undergraduate students. Rather, by focusing on particular features of style and technique, he offers the student devices which might be used in his or her own practice. In addition, he blends the study of small stylistic features with an overview of the argumentative and discursive properties of the essay. There is no obvious division between “form” and “content,” which (if not “new”) is refreshing and original in a “textbook” discussion. - Professor Hilary Turner, Department of English, University of the Fraser Valley

ISBN: 978-0-86491-352-4

About the Author  

John Whatley specializes in 18th century precedents to Romanticism and has taught courses on the literary essay, crime & literature, poetry, the gothic novel, and the relation between the social sciences and literary theory.  He has taught in the SFU Dept of English and in Germany and his current research focusses on the relation between 18th century essays and the rise of the gothic novel.