Canadian Criminal Law in a Rapidly Changing World

Dr. Simon Verdun-Jones

This book has been written to fill a serious gap in the legal literature that is available to University and College students who wish to study critical aspects of Criminal Law in depth, but do not intend to pursue a career in the Law.  How legislators and judges respond to the threats posed by constantly evolving and adaptive forms of criminal behaviour, aided and abetted by increasingly sophisticated digital technology, is a topic that is of great interest to students in many disciplines.  The rule of law is a central feature of Canadian culture and the threat posed by criminal actors potentially touches us all.  One need only think of hate speech, child pornography and identity theft as examples of digitally-assisted crimes that may cause great harm and have generated widespread public concern throughout Canada.   Simon Verdun-Jones

“This text is written specifically for those with a basic understanding of criminal law who are positioned to learn about the complexities of specific offences. It builds on the introductory materials available through texts like Dr. Verdun-Jones’ own Introduction to Criminal Law; however, it is written in an accessible manner ideal for upper level undergraduate students from a number of disciplines as well as first year law students, or international legal audiences who seek comparative information about Canada’s criminal laws.”
Tamara O’Doherty PhD, Lecturer, School of Criminology,  Simon Fraser University.

ISBN: 9781772870602


About the Author

Dr. Simon Verdun-Jones is Emeritus Professor in the School of Criminology at Simon Fraser University. He recently retired as Editor of the Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice. A graduate of the Yale Law School, he has written extensively in the areas of Criminal Law and Mental Health Law. Professor Verdun-Jones was Director of the SFU School of Criminology and has taught and researched in the School for many years.  He has also conducted research concerning the responses of the criminal justice system to individuals living with serious mental disorders and/or complex cooccurring mental-health, neuro-cognitive, addiction, and other major life challenges.


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