R. Corrado, A. Leschied, P. Lussier, J. Whatley (Editors)

Dr. Raymond R. Corrado is a Professor in the School of Criminology at Simon Fraser University and Co-director of the Centre for Social Responsibility. His research publications have focused on developmental life-course criminology, youth violence, youth justice, mental health and law, Aboriginal young offenders, risk-management instruments for serious and violent children and youth, political terrorism, and psychopathy. He has published over 150 journal articles, book chapters, and government reports, and has co-authored 8 books. In addition, he is a Visiting Fellow at Clare Hall College as well as the Institute of Criminology at Cambridge University, and is an Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Law at the University of Bergen.

Dr. Patrick Lussier is a full professor at the School of Social Work at the Université Laval, researcher at the Centre Jeunesse de Québec – Institut Universitaire, and co-director of the Centre for Research on Sexual Violence. Previously, Dr. Lussier was a professor at the School of criminology at Simon Fraser University. He is the co-principal investigator of the Vancouver Longitudinal Study on the Psychosocial Development of Children. Dr. Lussier’s expertise include developmental life course criminology, interpersonal violence, sexual offending and sexual deviance as well as risk assessment and prediction. His work has been published in journals such as Criminology, Criminal Justice and Behavior, Journal of Criminal Justice and Justice Quarterly, Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment, and Psychology, Public Policy and Law. Along with Dr. Arjan Blokland, he recently published “Sex offenders: A criminal career approach” (Wiley-Blackwell).

Dr. Alan Leschied is a psychologist and professor at Western University. He began in children’s services in 1977 at the London Family Court Clinic where his research interests began in the assessment and treatment of youth at risk and how legislation, policy and service can promote the welfare of children and families. He has served on numerous Boards of Directors and advisory committees. He is a CPA Fellow, recipient of Western’s Edward G. Pleva Award for Teaching Excellence, the Judge Wendy Robson Award for outstanding service to children in Ontario and the life-time achievement award through CPA’s Criminal Justice Section.

Books written / edited by this author:
Serious and Violent Young Offenders and Youth Criminal Justice: A Canadian Perspective


Martin A. Andresen, J. Bryan Kinney, Paul J. Brantingham (Editors)

Martin A. Andresen is a Professor at Simon Fraser University's School of Criminology.  He studies Spatial Crime Analysis, Co-Offending, Geography of Crime, Environmental Criminology, Applied Spatial Statistics and Geographical Information Analysis.

Paul J. Brantingham is a Professor Emeritus of Simon Fraser University, School of Criminology. His areas of interest are computational criminology, environmental criminology, the ecology of crime, crime analysis, historical criminology, comparative criminal justice, legal aid, and related matters.

J. Bryan Kinney is an Associate Professor at Simon Fraser University, School of Criminology. His areas of interest are environmental criminology theory, geography of crime, police studies, crime prevention and crime reduction, and quantitative research methods.

Books written / edited by this author:
Classics in Environmental Criminology


Gail Anderson

Gail Anderson is a Professor of forensic entomology in the School of Criminology at Simon Fraser University. Professor Anderson has served as a forensics consultant to the RCMP and city police across Canada. Among her many accolades, she was listed in TIME magazine as one of the top ten innovators worldwide in criminal justice and recently received the Derome Award from the Canadian Society of Forensic Sciences.

Books written / edited by this author:
Biological Influences on Criminal Behavior


Stephen Brown

Stephen Brown was born in 1951. He obtained B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Kinesiology from Simon Fraser University. His Master’s degree thesis was in the area of exercise and environmental physiology. He has been interested in health and fitness since he was a teenager and has participated in a wide range of sports and activities. Mr. Brown is a Senior Lecturer in the Simon Fraser University School of Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology, where he has taught a variety of Kinesiology courses since 1984.

Books written / edited by this author:
Current Issues in Health, Second Edition


Paul Budra

Paul Budra is a Professor of English at Simon Fraser University. He teaches Shakespeare and early modern literature and has published articles on Renaissance literature and contemporary popular culture. He is the author of A Mirror for Magistrates and the de casibus Tradition (2000) and Shakespeare Early and Late (2016). He is the co-editor of the essay collections Part Two: Reflections on the Sequel (1998), Soldier Talk: Oral Narratives of the Vietnam War (2004), From Text to Txting: New Media in the Classroom (2012), and Shakespeare and Consciousness (2016).

Books written / edited by this author:
Shakespeare Early and Late: A Textbook


Tony Leyland

Tony Leyland was born in 1956 in Oxford, England. He completed a Bachelor of Education degree in Physical Education and Mathematics at St Luke's College, Exeter University in the UK. After teaching high school in Switzerland and England over a three-year period he moved to Canada in 1982 to start a Masters Degree at Simon Fraser University (SFU). His M.Sc. involved mathematical modelling of the mechanical properties of human skeletal muscle.

Tony has taught in the Department of Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology (BPK), SFU, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, for 35 years and has an extensive background as an athlete, coach and academic. He has been interested in physical activity since his childhood, originally in the area of competitive sports. His main sports were Soccer, Field Hockey, Rugby, Tennis and Squash, all played at a fairly high level. For example, he played in the Swiss National Rugby Final in 1981, the West Counties [Field] Hockey final in 1982 and was ranked thirteenth in the B.C. provincial squash rankings in 1991. Having been born in England it is not surprising that Tony played football [soccer] for most of his life (for school, college and premier senior leagues) only recently retiring. Currently Tony still plays competitive tennis, skis, lifts weights, hikes and performs a variety of circuit, interval and endurance exercises. Although Tony has a love of sports and has played at elite levels, he was never a professional athlete. The reason he has stayed so active is simply because he loves being fit and the physical and mental challenge of sports. An understanding and appreciation of the range of human physical performance (including the amazing ability of elite athletes) is something that is discussed in this text.

Books written / edited by this author:
Exercise Programming Science and Practice


Paul McFetridge

Paul McFetridge was Professor and former Chair of Linguistics at Simon Fraser University.   A computational linguist, his research focused on machine translation, computer-assisted language instruction and natural language applications in information processing. 

Books written / edited by this author:
A Linguistic Introduction to the History and Structure of the English Lexicon


Gordon Moyles

Gordon Moyles has researched police records, primary materials, and letters to provide readers with a first-hand view of the events leading up to and including the trial.

Books written / edited by this author:
British Law and Arctic Men: The Celebrated 1917 Murder Trials of Sinnisiak and Uluksuk, First Inuit Tried Under White Man’s Law


Sherry Mumford 

Sherry Mumford is the author of Management Challenges in Canadian Federal Corrections, 2nd Edition and has presented papers focusing on crime and drugs at international venues. She is a contracted instructor in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of the Fraser Valley. She is also a Director, Mental Health and Substance Use, for the Fraser Health Authority. Research interests include the relationship between different drugs and different crimes, women, crime and the criminal justice system, policy analysis., correctional practices and media with respect to reporting on various crime and drug issues.

Books written / edited by this author:
Management Challenges in Canadian Federal Corrections, 2nd Edition


The Writers Studio - Simon Fraser University

The Writer's Studio is the creative writing certificate program at Simon Fraser University, mentored by Kevin Chong (Fiction), Eileen Cook (YA/Speculative Fiction), Claudia Cornwall (Creative Non-Fiction), Hiromi Goto (Speculative Fiction), Stella Harvey (Fiction and Personal Narrative), JJ Lee (Creative Non-Fiction), Fiona Tinwei Lam (Poetry), Jen Sookfong Lee (Fiction), Betsy Warland (Poetry) and program director Wayde Compton.

Books written / edited by this author:
emerge 17
emerge 16


John Whatley

John Whatley  specializes in 18th century precedents to Romanticism and has taught courses on the literary essay, crime & literature, poetry, the gothic novel, and the relation between the social sciences and literary theory. He has taught in the Simon Fraser University Dept of English and at Justus Liebig University in Germany. His current research focusses on the relation between 18th century essays and the rise of the gothic novel.

Books written / edited by this author:
Voicing the Essay: Reading and Writing for Depth