Cameron Brewer



For almost 30 years, I have been bringing people together to create environmental and social justice solutions. I’m a community organizer, lawyer, entrepreneur, environmental activist, accountant, author, and professor living in Vancouver.

I currently practice environmental and Aboriginal law, teach environmental law at Simon Fraser University, and am co-authoring a book on restoring ecosystems in cities. I previously clerked for the Chief Justice of BC and for Justice Suzanne Côté at the Supreme Court of Canada, represented sovereign states and foreign investors in New York at the top-ranked international arbitration law firm in the world, and acted pro bono for the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law at Columbia University.

My environmental leadership positions include running eco-certification programs at the Silva Forest Foundation and the Canada Green Building Council, helping structure the Forest Stewardship Council, and founding the Eco-Lumber Co-op which manufactured and distributed BC eco-wood products across North America and Europe. I’ve been a finance consultant in Germany, a Financial Controller for Greenpeace Canada, Chair of VanCity’s Social Enterprise Committee, Executive Director of Smart Growth BC, principal of a sustainability consulting firm, and Co-Chair of the VanCity Community Foundation.


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