Cherie Enns

Resource & Environmental Management


  • PhD, International Policy and Program Management, IHSS, Ardhi University, Tanzania, 2019 (Began program in Darmstadt Tech University, Germany).
  • MA, University of British Columbia, 1986
  • BA, Trinity Western University, 1983


Cherie Enns is a registered urban planner and experienced educator with extensive experience engaging internationally. She has initiated and led international projects related to child rights, food systems, sustainable development goals(SDGs), urban planning policy, and youth engagement.  Dr. Enns has experience managing programs, mobilizing resources, and working on projects in several countries, including Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Somalia, and India. She has more recently led several humanitarian projects within the Eastern Africa Community.  She holds an MA in Community and Regional Planning and a Ph.D. in International Policy and Program Management at Ardhi Regional University in Tanzania.

Cherie also leads a Universities Canada Internship program, has worked on housing projects, and assisted with the coordination of many international and community events. She has worked on local projects related to homelessness and affordable houses as well as child and youth policy.

She has taught courses at the University of the Fraser Valley since 1988, primarily in geography and global development studies.  Courses most often taught include:

World of Development (Geog 109/GDS 100),  Social Geography(Geog 241), Community Urban Planning(Geog 360/460), Planning Studio courses(Geog/GD 464, 466), Climate change and International Policy(Geog 364), and GD/Geog internships.

Cherie is also involved in several applied projects, as highlighted in the following links. 




This instructor is currently not teaching any courses.