Chelsea Little

Assistant Professor
Environmental Science (Primary) and Resource and Environmental Management


  • BA Biology, Dartmouth College
  • MSc Biology, Uppsala University
  • PhD Ecology, University of Zurich


Dr. Little was trained as a community ecologist, and uses this background to address topics in spatial and ecosystem ecology. Her research asks: what drives of ecosystems’ functioning? With community ecology, Dr. Little considers how communities of organisms assemble, the interactions between organisms of similar and different trophic groups, and how their traits contribute to ecosystem function. Ecosystems are intrinsically connected by exchanges of organisms (dispersal and other movement) and materials (for example, resource subsidies), so she uses meta-ecosystem and landscape ecology consider how these exchanges affect the functioning of recipient ecosystems. Much of Dr. Little’s work takes place in watersheds, addressing community assembly and dispersal through river networks and the effects of landscape composition and structure on terrestrial-aquatic linkages. Research encompasses techniques as varied as laboratory experiments, field experiments, observational data, geostatistical modeling, simulations, and data synthesis.

Further information about Dr. Little’s research can be found on her website.

Selected publications: (full publication list)

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