Community Benefits and Impact Assessment Lab

Lab Description

The focus of the Community Benefits and Impact Assessment Lab is to analyze and advance our understanding of the relationship between natural resource development and regional and community development. We seek to advance academic, practitioner, and policy knowledge about community benefits and a variety of associated topics. In addition to our research work, we also develop assessment and evaluation tools and strategies in order to help communities (Indigenous and non-Indigenous) to better evaluate and attain benefits from natural resource projects, through such mechanisms as community benefit agreements, taxes, and royalties; developing best practices for maximizing benefits; exploring natural resource governance issues and opportunities; and investigating the impacts of government policies on regional and community development. The lab takes a combined approach to tackling these topics through publishing peer reviewed articles as well as creating practical and accessible content applicable to a broad audience, such as policy briefs and guidebooks. Additionally, the lab works with senior levels of government and First Nations to research and improve impact assessment processes. The Community Benefits and Impact Assessment Lab also offers workshops to help build knowledge and capacity for individuals, organizations, and communities.