Currently Available Positions-Spring 2024

Course Course Name Instructor TA/TM Location
Statistics Workshop Supports a subset of these courses:
STAT 100, 201, 203, 270, 302, 305
Marie Loughin/Sonja Isberg TA Burnaby/Surrey
ACMA101 Introduction to Insurance Cherie Ng TA Burnaby
ACMA201 Interest Theory and Applications Himchan Jeong TA Burnaby
ACMA340 Financial Economics for Actuaries Barbara Sanders TA Burnaby
ACMA401 Long-Term Actuarial Mathematics II Yi Lu TA Burnaby
ACMA455 Loss Models II Himchan Jeong TA Burnaby
STAT201 OLC Statistics for the Life Sciences-Distance Education Wei (Becky) Lin TA Burnaby
STAT203 OLC Introduction to Statistics for the Social Sciences-Distance Education
Wei (Becky) Lin
TA Burnaby
STAT270 OLC Introduction to Probability and Statistics-Distance Education Gamage Perera
TA Burnaby
STAT302 OLC Analysis of Experimental and Observational Data-Distance Education Gamage Perera TA Burnaby
STAT240 Introduction to Data Science David Stenning TA Burnaby
STAT260/261 Introductory R for Data Science Haolun Shi TA Burnaby
STAT271 Probability and Statistics for Computing Science Gary Parker TA Burnaby
STAT285 Intermediate Probability and Statistics Scott Pai TA Burnaby
STAT300W Statistics Communication Sonja Isberg TA Burnaby
STAT360/361 Advanced R for Data Science Haolun Shi TA Burnaby
STAT380 Introduction to Stochastic Processes Gary Parker TA Burnaby
STAT403/603 Intermediate Sampling and Experimental Design Derek Bingham TA Burnaby
STAT410 Statistical Analysis of Sample Surveys Brad McNeney TA Burnaby
STAT445/645 Applied Multivariate Analysis Faculty TA Burnaby
STAT460 Bayesian Statistics David Stenning TA Burnaby
STAT475/675 Applied Discrete Data Analysis Thomas Loughin TA Burnaby
STAT851 Generalized Linear Models and Discrete Data Analysis Rachel Altman TA Burnaby
STAT853 Applications of Statistical Computing Liangliang Wang TA Burnaby
STAT856 Longitudinal Data Analysis Joan Hu TA Burnaby

Floating Term TA

(2 positions .5 BU each)

- Supervisor: Ugrad Program Chair
- Preference for a TA with past experience in STATs.
- Will help with exam invigilation within the dept as needed
- Will help with marking within the dept in special circumstances, as assigned by the Supervisor
- Needs to have a very flexible schedule. The department will make all reasonable efforts to give as much advance notice as possible of duties and will accommodate the TA's academic requirements, but in somecases may have short-term notice of exam invigilation duties.
Gamage Perera TA Burnaby

Appointment dates: January 2, 2024 - April 29, 2024
Closing date for applications: November 6, 2023 11:00pm
Note: We thank all applicants for their interest. However, only successful applicants will be contacted.

  • All appointments will require face-to-face instruction.
  • You are expected to be available for the entire term of the contract: January 2 - April 29, 2024
  • All successful applicants must demonstrate completion of the required safety training prior to the start of the course. Safety training  requirements for each course are listed here. Retraining is not required if certification is still valid.

Statistics & Actuarial Science Teaching Priorities


Teaching Assistant Salary Range:
GTA1: $2682-$6426
GTA2: $3142-$7576
UTA: $2,374-$5656
ETA: $2,374-$5656

Qualifications for TA/TM Positions 

  • Sufficient knowledge to interpret and explain course material clearly. For Statistics Workshop appointments, "sufficient knowledge" means demonstrable familiarity with the methods and concepts in the courses supported by the Workshop in the semester of the appointment. These courses could include any of STAT 100, 201, 203, 270, 302, and 305.
  • Competence in oral and written English
  • Availability to invigilate exams
  • For undergraduate applicants, a grade of B- or better in STAT 330 (preferred)
  • For external applicants: Candidates from other disciplines should provide evidence of successful completion of course work in statistics. Evaluation of the adequacy of their qualifications is the responsibility of the course instructor/Workshop Coordinator

Duties, Responsibilities, and Terms of the Appointment

  • TA/TM duties and scheduled hours will vary depending on the type of the assignment.
  • Applicants are expected to be available for the entire term of the contract. Appointees must discuss any planned absences in advance with the course instructor or the Workshop Coordinator, who will determine if an exception is possible. 
  • In the case of courses or any other commitments that could conflict with the TA/TM's responsibilities, appointees must contact the course instructor or the Workshop Coordinator immediately upon becoming aware of a potential conflict.
  • Graduate students in our department are considered to have applied to all available TA positions. If you wish to be considered for a particular course in a particular capacity (e.g. marker only, tutor only) please say so in the comments section. 
  • Some TA assignments will require travel to SFU Surrey.


Getting Started as a TA