Canadian college/university transfer

Visiting Students

If you are currently a student at another university, you may apply for admission to complete specified courses for subsequent transfer back to your “home” university. You should apply in the normal manner via EducationPlannerBC and you will be evaluated as a University Transfer applicant (see College/university transfer tab).

In addition to general and program-specific admission requirements, you must meet our English Language Requirement and Quantitative and Analytical Skills Requirement and submit a Letter of Permission issued by your home university.  Original, official documentation must be submitted for evaluation purposes. No transfer credit or enrollment priority is awarded.

Submit a Letter of Permission

An official Letter of Permission must be submitted with your visiting student application and requires the following information:

  • Issued directly by your "home" institution on official letter head
  • Include the semester in which you would like to take courses at Simon Fraser University (Note: if you plan on attending for more than one semester, the letter must include this information)
  • List each course you have been given permission to take at Simon Fraser University, including the department name and corresponding course number