Fees and scholarships

Tuition and fees

Estimated tuition and expenses for one academic year (10 courses over two terms). Based on a typical program in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in 2023/24.

Cost Canadian International
Tuition and fees (includes public transit pass) $7,202 $34,012
Textbooks and supplies $1,920 $1,920
Single residence room with meal plan $14,180 $14,180
Medical insurance $268 $829
Total (CDN$) $23,570 $50,941

These costs are estimates and will vary depending on a student’s course enrollment, program of study, and other variables related to their personal circumstances. See more about fees and tuition.

Scholarships for high school applicants

Undergraduate Scholars Entrance Scholarship

The Undergraduate Scholars Entrance Scholarship (USES) Program is available to domestic and international high school applicants who demonstrate potential to enrich the university community through ongoing academic and community contributions. The USES Program has a number of scholarships that range in value from CAD $20,000 to $140,000.

If you’re a current high school student who demonstrates excellence in academic and extracurricular activities, you may be eligible for this scholarship. It is available to undergraduate students admitted for the fall term to any undergraduate degree.

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UGGLA Family Scholarship

The Uggla Family Scholarship awards ten scholarships each year to students who face significant financial barriers to participate in post-secondary education. This may include students who identify as Indigenous, Black, or a person of colour, students living with disabilities, LGBTQIA2S+ students, and students of all gender identities. The intention of the Uggla Family Scholarship is to promote equity and remove historical and existing discrimination, including barriers to full participation in social, cultural, economic and political life.

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Other Entrance Scholarships

We offer entrance scholarships for  Faculty of Science, Faculty of Health Sciences, Beedie applicants and more. 

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Additional financial support

As an sfu undergraduate student, there are more resources and support available to you

Once you are a student at SFU there are various other types of financial resources and support available. See below for more information, otherwise you can speak with our financial aid advisors or talk to us during our webinars.


Recognizing outstanding academic achievement.


Generally acknowledging outstanding achievements or contributions to the community.


Awarded on the basis of a demonstrated financial need.


Providing work opportunities for continuing students which are paid, part-time, and on-campus.

Former Youth in Care –Tuition Waiver Programs

Students who are living or have previously lived as a youth in care in BC may qualify for financial support to cover some of the costs of their education.

Government Student Loans and Grants

(Full-time or part-time students) BC and non-BC residents enrolled in eligible programs can apply to a variety of government assistance, student loans and grants. International students are not eligible for Canadian government student loans and grants. US Citizens may be eligible for US government student loans.