Youth in Care

If you are living – or have lived – as a youth in care in BC, you may qualify for financial support to cover some of the costs of your education.

BC Provincial Tuition Waiver Program

The Provincial Tuition Waiver Program waives tuition and fees for BC students attending a BC public post-secondary institution, who are 19 to 26 years of age (inclusive) and who are former youth in care for a total of two years or more (consecutive or acculumuated), in one or more of the eligible categories.

Youth Futures Education Fund (YFEF)

This program assists students receiving the BC Provincial Tuition Waiver. No application is required. Students are automatically considered for this funding at the time the funding becomes available (normally in week 3 of Spring term, subject to availability of funding). 

Youth Education Assistance Fund (YEAF)

This program can provide assisance if you have spent time in the care of the Ministry of Children and Family Development, or a delegated Indigenous agency. For more information, visit Youth Education Assistance Fund (YEAF).

Students should be applying on a term by term basis. The forms can be submitted to the the SFU Financial Aid and Awards office to complete the confirmation of enrollment section.

SFU Financial Aid and Awards

Spend time exploring the different types of student financial assistance that SFU offers and check the application deadlines.

Agreements with Youth Adults (AYA funding)

The Agreements with Youth Adults (AYA) program can assist you if you have been in foster care or had a youth agreement. This program can provide assistance, with costs of things such as housing, child care, tuition and health care while you go back to school, or if you are attending rehabilitation, vocational or approved life skills programs. For more information visit Agreements with Young Adults.

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